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  • im712 im712 Apr 7, 2013 10:16 AM Flag

    Recent Data Shows 55% of New Z10 Buyers are from the Apple iOS iPhone and Android Platforms

    CEO Heins in the earnings call on switchers to BlackBerry.

    "The excitement for BlackBerry 10 goes beyond our current local customers. Recent data shows that 55% of the Z10 customers globally are coming from platforms other than BlackBerry, more than half. With BES 10, customers will experience the BlackBerry 10 platform with continued confidence and the comfort of the unmatched BlackBerry security."

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    • lotto1717 Apr 17, 2013 3:44 PM Flag

      I came from Android. This Z10 is much better then the Android I had

      Sentiment: Buy

    • Once the Q10 is launched...that 55% should go to 65%

    • The point is pretty simple, nowhere can you find blackberry saying that users are coming from iOS and android. Only the media and rimtards like the one that started this thread are making this leap of faith.

      Instead in the first couple of weeks they claimed varying percentages of users " did not have blackberry before" or came " from other platform". This is typical company fluff that is purposefully unmeasurable to produce hype. 48% of mobile phone usage in Canada and UK are still feature phone users. These are the first launch countries when BBRY was making these claims. These are also countries where BBRY has its most loyal support.

      These public claims have silenced since the US launch.

      This belief that iOS and droid users are flocking back to blackberry will continue to cause longs to be way too bullish and overestimate BBRY device sales numbers.

    • Another rimtardian lie. If you could read correctly BBRy is not saying they are coming from iOS or Android. They are saying from other platforms. Feature phones are other platforms and the bulk of global phone users are feature phone users. When BBRY launched in UK and Canada, these countries have a huge percentage of users on feature phones still compared to the US.

      reading is a skill.

      If all these users were coming from iOS and Android, then BBRY would not have lost subscribers.

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      • Joe, how is your last sentence relevent? If a subscription were required for the Z10, what difference would it make if the customer switched from a feature phone, iOS or Android?

        Now it is my understanding (and yours I believe) that a subscription is no longer required for BB10 phones. So when we see lost subscriber numbers, if half the buyers are from other platforms, we can double that number to estimate new phone purchases.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • I'm not sure what you really know aboot Canada. I can tell you that there are very few people who actually use feature phones anymore. Also, we don't live in igloos.
        I would say its a pretty good sign that BB is the first smart OS that these new converts are navigating to.

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