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  • thermonuke Apr 11, 2013 3:01 PM Flag

    "How Can More Z10 Be Returned Than Selling?"

    Wow. Maybe you should just buy more BBRY afterall. I see this question asked and reasked so many times it is frankly EMBARASSING to see would-be investors unable to comprehend.

    Had they said "More Z10s have been returned than have EVER sold" then I could see the confusion.

    They simply observe that in a single day, recently more Z10s have come back into retail than fresh new sales for the same day. 100% possible and plausible. It's not hard. It's almost as hard to understand as holding BBRY shares after the founder dumped out his entire position.

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    • Thanks, monuke, I was trying to explain for the last 2 months here, before the Z10 launched that the Z10 would flop as would BB10.

      Nokia will be the 2nd place Eco system as apple simply cannot devalue their top brand by building a $200 and lower smartphone. It's against their ethos.

      That said, I do think Apple will build a $300 smartphone but that still leaves a couple billion people for nokia to go after so clearly nokia, with smartphones like the 520 (and 620) can clean house. I don't see anything as appealing from Samsung and with the same build quality.

      I too think nokia will be at around a $.05 profit to your $.06 for Q1 but the real turnaround should be extremely evident in Q2 given 620 sales only had about 6 weeks and were in shortage at times and then the 520 just launched which should sell even more than the 620. I said yesterday that I expect the 520 and 620 by themselves to provide 4+ million in sales volume for Q2. Lets hope nokia sold at least 6 million lumias in Q1, which would be great given the 920 was in shortage the whole time. But I don't see them getting the 15 million ASHA you're hoping for. 12 million would be a feat is my feeling.

      Thanks for your posts, they make excellent reads.

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    • In the same way that Hitler said Jewish people and Gypsies were responsible for the average German's hard luck and hyper inflation!

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