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  • just_observing_2011 just_observing_2011 Apr 13, 2013 8:19 AM Flag

    I called the SEC yesterday afternoon. YO=ou guys will love this.

    After spending time on the SEC website, I placed a phone call. I bounced around to four different people and eventually got on the line with a staff attorney who, among other things, is investigating the Blackberry complaint (he used the word complaint twice which means that BBRY's attorneys filed something). Anyway, I explained to him that I was simply a private investor and shared the frustrations of many of us who see hedge funds, and market makers abuse their strength. Then I asked him if the individuals we see on the message boards are paid bashers since they post under multiple screen names and are there at all hours of the day and night. His response was that this is very common. The people who post on popular message boards do not make much money, but they serve a purpose, which is to scare the large number of people who invest, but really know nothing about the stock market.

    I asked him if they investigate the posters, and he said they mos definitely do, because these individuals are often briefed when, in this week's case, a story is false. This keeps the posters from turning in the people "upstream" if there is a possibility that the they can get in trouble themselves. On the other hand, "we" (SEC) go after them because they are easy to nail, they do not have deep pockets and once we prosecute a few people at the bottom, the guys at the top want a "deal" (plea deal?).

    At that point I asked him if would like a list of suspects from the BBRY message board. He said absolutely yes! He said they can get the screen names but this will save them weeks worth of time sifting through thousands of posts. I already had my list made. It has 45 screen names on it.I have kingo, emperor, fraudy, and Joeloser (their real screen names, not my nicknames) at the top. The others included people that have posted repetitive comments, or by their writing style, were easy to identify as one in the same. He said once they make a formal request, Yahoo discloses real names, etc.

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