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  • fishinanddreaming fishinanddreaming Apr 17, 2013 1:46 PM Flag

    iPhone kicked out of Brazil market !

    Brazil government just announced that iPhone5 has been found to be incompatible with the latest generation 4G wireless format. They said that Blackberry and Samsung are compatible and are on the new "approved device" list, while iPhone5 is not.

    Brazil is on a sprint to expand the latest broadband wireless data network before the World Cup. a Million people are expected to come to Brazil for this event.

    It seems that if any of those million people are Apple customers, they will have to beg, borrow, or steal (or preferably, just buy) a BlackBerry Z10 or Q10 to bring to the World Cup in Brazil. IPhone5 won't work on the latest cellular service there !!

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    • this was the other notice.

      World Youth Day in Brazil (this is held every three years and this year in Brazil Jul 23-28th ) Over 5Million expected and World Cup Soccer 2014 all supported by Blackberry.

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    • Buy Blackberry

    • poi321 Apr 17, 2013 3:06 PM Flag

      Telefonica has 30% of the Brazilian mobile market, and recently received a government backed load to buy BBRY equipment and infrastructure.

      Best case for apple - next year the wireless auction takes place, and is won. Another year to put in the infrastructure for the iPhone frequencies, so no iPhone sales for at least 2 years.

      And, knowing the way business is done in Latin america, if Telefonica wants to keep a stranglehold on the 4G market, money will change hands, and those iPhone frequencies will not become available or active for a long, long time....

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    • In researching this - I see that Brazil has started a 4G network that is not compatible with iPhone (but is with Blackberry and a few other Android based phones). It's too strong to say that iPhone was "kicked out." They are not compatible with the new 4G network (yet). Don't get me wrong - I'm a long who sees great potential in BBRY. But to help this board it's important to state things factually.

      One reason I loaded up on BBRY is that people in the US really underestimate the amount of brand loyatly that BBRY has in Latin America and elsewhere. My investment thesis is that BBRY will regain its share of non-US markets and the stock will go much higher.

      Earnings estimates are rising - which always always is associated with stock outperformance. We would be in the $20s already if it weren't for all the BS being manufactured about the company.

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      • Here, here ... I concur .... it's 'disgusting' the hatred for BB by Hedge Funds. Watch BNN and you will see LOTS of Canadian Hedge Funds and newsreporters hate this company too. It's shocking. I think they got burned by the old Rim and want to get even. How else can this intransigence, and continuous negativity be explained (in spite of many documented success stories)?

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      • Google: Brazil launches 4G wireless" to see article on Reuters.

        Brazil's current 4G network uses a 2.5 GHz carrier freq that the iPhone cannot support. But the freqs that iPhone can use will be auctioned off within 1 year. So, in near future you will have iPhone in Brazil....

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    • BlackBerry, Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, LG Electronics Inc and Sony Mobile. compete for 4 mil (this year?) devices market

    • Wow ! That's HUGE news. Brazil is not only one of the biggest markets, its also the biggest growing. The first letter of "BRIC". Where did you hear this news ? Any confirmed source ?

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      • My source is Reuters. Look it up, Yahoo won't let me post URLs.
        And to those making light of this, yes, this is how Brazil kicks out Apple - by making standards that BBRY adheres to but APPL does not - in a "nice", legal, way. The more draconic way (and it is done all the time, but less in public view) is to first have BBRY PATENT a new standard, then have the government require this standard, and everyone except BBRY is either kicked out, or has to pay BBRY royalties. Brazil is "only" the no. 4 or 5 market in terms of size, but in terms of growth, I believe it is number 1 or tied with China (where APPLE is also about to get kicked out, but in more subtle ways, similar to how Japan kicked out U.S. auto companies 20 years ago).

      • I posted this earlier in the day. Apple wasn't kicked out, but it does not comply with Brazil's first generation 4G network based on 2.5 gigahertz frequency.Apple has not agreed to modify the I phone to comply. you can find the artlicle on Thomson... Brazil is the 5th largest market and pushing expansion of 4G in time for the World Cup.

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