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  • dayrelton dayrelton May 8, 2013 8:59 AM Flag

    Will the 'pick-up artisits' WSJ, Barrons, MF, Reuters, etc. man-up and go with the rebuttals?

    We have three rebuttals to yesterday's raiders: Jefferies, McQuarie, Bluefin

    contrast these to: Cleveland, Canaccord, Pacific Crest, Wedge Partners

    Who are you going to believe?

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    • Here's a list of appropriate terms: "The Wall-Street game", Haters-Short-Lobby, Sheep-Cliff, Lies-for-Self-Interest...........I'm sure many other terms are apropos here! Un-real how this song sings!

      My personal position is and has been, that BBRY is not the super-strong seller here in the USA (yet anyhow) that it is in other parts of the world, where it is still "the device to have". The USA is all about "the herd"...but I also feel like there's a strong cadre of Rimm-afficianados, that will help sustain the brand here in the USA and even promote is mass-appeal again, once everyone figures out that the "I-phone isn't that cool any more", or tires of seeing everyone else and their brother with a large-screened Galaxy S4 My wife has the Galaxy S4 btw, and it is a nice phone, but mind you, these are different markets. IMO, and I've never owned a nice smart phone, but BBRY is for the "serious professional", who may have x2 or x3 phones, but has the BBRY as his/her "clutch, deal-maker, must-have device". Plus, someone alluded to being able to "see the screen in the sunlight"! Wow, finally a smart-phone maker "gets-it". I'm continuously frustrated with my Kyocera device, b/c I can't see the screen half the time! What kind of phone maker produces a product that is un-functional in sunlight? I need to break-down a get a real phone myself...and I usually am a big supporter of the Co. whose stock I invest (formally x4 subs to Sirius and one of its big promoters!) Now that T-mobile has done-away with contracts, I'll migrate over to them prob., with a new Z10...after I get a bit more use with my Kyocera Hydro! GLTUA! Best of luck to us guys...we deserve it! Go Grizz!


      Sentiment: Buy

    • Not likely.

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