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  • brightstar44435 brightstar44435 May 13, 2013 10:53 PM Flag

    Read this article shorts and Cry yourself to Sleep:

    The Market Ticker – Heins Wild Call On Tablets (He’s Right, By The Way)

    Thursday, May 2, 2013 7:49


    (Before It's News)

    Thorston Heins said this the other day:

    “In five years I don't think there will be a reason to have a tablet anymore.”

    The people who took shots at him in this regard are small-minded idiots — he's right.

    Consider this folks — why do you have a tablet today, if you have bought one?

    You have one because your smart phone's screen is too small.

    The computing power of the phone is equal (and in some cases the capability greater) than the tablet. Having another device is just plain stupid, unless you're the guy selling it, in which case you're patting yourself on the back for stroking people off to get them to blow money unnecessarily.

    Do you buy a new computer because you want a larger monitor on your desktop?

    Now take that nice Z-10 you have (you did buy one, right?) and notice the HDMI jack. If you plug it into your 60″ projection TV, what happens?

    Did the light bulb come on in your cranium yet?

    Why not have your computer in your pocket and have the screen as just a peripheral that can talk to it when required? There are already open specifications for this and we can define a few more if we need to; hell, WiFi is more than up to the bandwidth requirements and the phone already has that in it. Now the screen costs $100 or $200 instead of a $500 tablet, it's smaller and lighter than the existing tablets (since it doesn't duplicate the rest of what's in the phone) and it works with the other devices you already have.

    That would be smart.

    It also appears to be what BlackBerry has in mind, which would be a true revolution in how we think of mobile computing.

    Incidentally, they're already moving this way. The Z-10 (and Q-10) make the phone's filesystem transparently available from your computer whenever it's in range of the same WiFi connection, along with both Dropbox and Box integration. The next software release (10.1) works both ways and allows you to see your computer's files from the phone via a built-in VPN-style tunnel that can be configured to work on Wifi only or also over the cellular network. Now you have your own private cloud! All of these show up transparently in the phone's file browser just like an attached disk on your desktop.

    Instead of owning a laptop, a phone and a tablet the model appears to be you own a smartphone and a handful of peripherals for each situation where you need them. The processing, storage and central communication capabilities are in the single device (your “smartphone”) which goes anywhere you go. The rest are where you need them and because they are peripherals they are both easily replaced as needs change and are inexpensive as well.

    I'll be damned, a new idea that actually advances how we use computing instead of simply saying “well, we'll introduce a 5″ screen phone! No, a 6″! I know, I know, we'll do a 7″ and 10″ tablet!”


    Those who panned Heins for this have it exactly backward — or are shills for firms like Apple that could have realized this years ago but lacked the vision to do so.

    Incidentally, QNX's device abstraction layer makes implementing this easier than it is for the big monolithic kernel guys (that would be everyone else, by the way.)

    Those who are incapable of innovation often pan those who are doing exactly that right up until their lunch gets eaten.

    Thorsten Heins is hungry and if you're one of his competitors it appears you may well be what's on the menu.

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