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  • blaurute23 blaurute23 Jun 7, 2013 11:38 PM Flag

    Over 1100 uses of word idiot on here, many by Bashfucius and the people bashing. Paid Bashers they are

    Over 1100 uses of word idiot on here, many by bashfucius and the people bashing. It is a common statement almost too common, looks like much of the same person / group of people saying the same statement. These are paid bashers

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    • now 1482 uses of the word that is a 35% increase of use of the word in 5 days wow, thats crazy, thats almost as much as the short interest, funny does that make all shorts the "i" word

    • Yes I guess you could ignore them buit I feel like messing with them, now I know they are on the wrong side of the trade. They are simple, uncreative, and those who think longs have no personality or any ability to stand up for ourselves Im about to prove wrong. I really think I struck a nerve with bash not being able to find a girl, even though I was playing around who knows I may be on to something. They pray and hope for the destruction of companies and probably do it for some big wall street guy who doesnt have to pay them but keeps promising them that one day he will be their friend. Ha

    • allsteel Jun 7, 2013 11:55 PM Flag

      This is the reason I have 15-20 users on ignore. 90% of the time I don't even (re)read any of my posts.....I post and vanish. They do this name calling to make make you feel inferior, a known basher trick. There are a couple of my blocked users that do not get blocked when I check in on my phone. So regretfully, I do see some of these lowlifes try to scare potential investors. There is one posters that actually thinks they are intelligent and give their opinion to others....dumb as a door. I get accused of have numerous user names.....I laugh. Bottom line, use ignore, use other on-line boards and stay long.

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