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  • pauly6734 pauly6734 Jun 30, 2013 1:21 PM Flag

    Dec 20 2012 : Earning -23% drop

    You want to see how BBRY trades in coming weeks till next earning? Go back to Dec 20th, 2012, BBRY missed, and the stock plunged 23% after earning call. BBRY sales is up this quarter vs last quarter, and the year before. I would only worry if gross sales fall; BBRY is doing OK in Canada and other parts of the world.

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    • HIlarious. At Dec 20, 2012 there was all type of irrational exgooberance that the new phones might just be game changers Reality is now staring shareholders directly in the face. Namely that nobody wants a BB10 phones. (even after 3 years of pent up demand!)

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      • people just can't help but insist that the only way the turnaround works is with unrealistic, over the top, game changing, blow out results, well that's not the only way and only magnitude of turnarounds. BB is has and still is turning around. Turnarounds are not binary things. They come in different speeds and forms. A turnaround SIMPLY means to stop losing and start gaining. THAT"S ALL. IF BB goes from a 5% share to a 6% share, and holds that share... THAT IS A TURNAROUND.
        not a great one, but perfectly viable. INSISTING that is must be a glorious turnaround or it WILL fail
        is just hating.

      • The is no doubt still a lot of upgrade demand still out there... but it is not the kind of upgrade demand that feels the urgent need to upgrade the first few weeks a phone comes out. They are aware of BB10, they WILL be upgrading, they just havnt' gotten around to it, literally. Even on CNBC the reporters repeatedly said EXACTLY the same thing about there own BB7 phones. This is not a one-month, or even one-quarter upgrade cycle, its will be sustained, slow and steady for a few quarters. But yeah, most of them will stay with BB.

      • So you are saying that you know every product currently in development and their entire strategy?
        Now THAT is hillarious!

      • Nobody wants BBRY products = higher sales? There is no new products that might be a hit? BBRY just rolls over and dies?

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