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  • getintoh20 getintoh20 Aug 13, 2013 5:37 PM Flag

    Desperate share holders will take anything above $11

    And be dam grateful if they get it....

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    • Many of BBRY shareholder have a higher cost on their shares. Probably upward of $50/share. Given at the high price of $40/share for a buyout, they will still be at a loss. Some are just desperate and need to sell. So i really feel for them.

      I am a late comer to this stock, my average cost is in the mid $8's. All of my investment are long, very rarely short ( maybe only done that a few times in the last twenty plus years). I hope that they will bought out. They are a gem in the rough. I bought them cause they had no debt with $3B in the bank and also their IP which i find better than the other out there.

      As an business executive, i like their product cause it is truly encrypted not like Apple and Android products. It is a true business system that i feel trusted about. I know nothing is 100% foolproof but i feel that BBRY has the best system out there.

      If i every run into other shareholders with a cost of $40 or higher, to ease the pain, drinks and dinner is on me. Sorry that it has happened to your shares. BBRY or RIMM will never go back to the $100+ share prices. As for the shorts, sorry to see you take such a loss. If you can show me your loss, to ease the pain, drinks and dinner is on me.

      As i grow older, i seem to find more compassion in my heart and soul. Yes with the shares that i purchase and especially the 300 Sept 21 @$21 contract it was indeed a windfall. Sharing is good, you can not take it with you and spend/enjoy while you can with others on this planet.

    • tracey563 Aug 13, 2013 5:41 PM Flag

      you may be right

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