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  • bluesky_there_to_here bluesky_there_to_here Sep 26, 2013 6:49 PM Flag

    Fairfax Financial STOCK UP 12PCT ytd so what idiots here and on TV are saying they can't get the financing for the BBRY take private deal?

    This is all a "scared to death naked shorted conflagration" group-think and herd trying to utterly destroy this company and its shareholders in an attempt to mimick how penny stock style massively diluted companies are made to disappear after all the money was made shorting legally and illegally those tyoes of companies.

    PROBLEM THEY FACE WITH BLACKBERRY IS THIS IS NOT YOUR MASSIVELY COMMON SHARE DILUTED DEBT BURDENED COMPANY. Face it, you naked shorters screwed up this time. Most naked shorters continue to get away with what they do illegally only by making companies fall off the face of the stock earth or get down to the triple zero or quadruple zero decimal point price like 0.003 or 0.0004 then they never have to cover or rectify their naked short. They screwed up here. Face it.

    Your only hope is they do take it private without going through the Clearing house with a fine tooth comb.

    If the Prime Minister of Canada is made to have this investigated for National Security Concerns, you will be financially and judicially baked in your own illegal naked shorting tar of actions against this source of National Pride. There are some that are going to go down BIG TIME in that arena it appears so close to start occuring.


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    • Too bad you didn't own Fairfax, psychopath.

    • blueshy I will back you. You call HLF down in the mid 30s. GLTU. I just came over to BBRY see how the stock was doing.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • I grabbed a tiger by the tail here. This should be very interesting. I hope the cancellation of the earnings conference call was partially to put a muzzle on repeat of 6/28/13 situation. No halt was called when Heins opened his mouth premarket and the stock nosedived three plus bucks or almost 30 percent in an hour or so.

        No repeat of that one since he won't even be allowed to take public questions since there will be no earnings conference call tomorrow. Nobody can tell the future and this would be easier if Carl Icahn had gotten involved but I think the Canada government watchful eye and review for National Security combined with Watsa having 50 million shares or so scared him off and may have contributed to the First National TWEET use for investment purposes by Carl Icahn of "large position in Apple" on the day Blackberry was about to fill the Heins gap of 6/28/13 on 8/13/13. No gap fill cause people felt that was a sign Carl was not in Blackberry at the time. The two stock reactions superimposed on each other are very telling. Almost perfectly negatively correlated to the minute on 8/13/13 after Carl's Tweet.

        Good luck to you. I had to fight off a massive psychological barrage when I was starting my fun time in HLF in the 30's as you so nicely pointed out. I thought this would be easier to see a Mother of all Short Squeeze since it is more traditional short than synthetic short but it was massively challenged without public support of BBRY by Carl and instead Carl publicly tweeting support for its current big competitor. I like both companies but I like short squeezes the best. It's all that keeps me in stocks now that the multicent uptick rule is gone and favors the slant toward shorters. I look at most rises in stocks now as the shorts laying off shorting rather than buy and hold pushing the stocks up for longevity. I see them mostly holding off using the advantage the loss of the rule gave them until a stock is high enough for great short gain.
        DYODD JMHO

    • Big shorts are not reading this message board. So why do you waste your time? You did the same thing talking to cnbc talking heads who also don't read this board.

      You are strange.

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