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  • irrational_fed_selloff irrational_fed_selloff Nov 11, 2013 12:57 PM Flag

    Priced in All Bad News

    No good news has been priced in:

    *John Chen hiring to turn around BB
    *BBM Great Launch Reception
    *Potential $1 Billion tax refund
    *Significant interest from bidders like QCOM Apple MSFT CSCO Lenovo
    *$13 Billion in assets now priced under $4 despite plenty of cash reserve.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Oh yes, the market is so dumb, how can they possibly ignore such good news? The stock should be flying instead at 52 week low. How can the market not see it?

      *John Chen hiring to turn around BB

      He said it'll take up to six quarters to even turn things around, don't think any smart money is going to wait for him to turn things around.

      *BBM Great Launch Reception

      What great launch reception??? BBM is not even at 10% of Whatsapp and it's been totally ignored as a non-event. You hear Blackberry pumping their chest about BBM of late?

      *Potential $1 Billion tax refund

      What are they going to do with additional cash, they have cash and they continue to burn it? The business is dead and you can throw all the cash at it, so what?

      *Significant interest from bidders like QCOM Apple MSFT CSCO Lenovo

      They were interested in parts of BBRY. And yeah, what did the market do to BBRY when the news about this bidder or that leaked out, yes that's right, absolutely nothing. How is this "good news" not priced in?

      *$13 Billion in assets now priced under $4 despite plenty of cash reserve

      Whatever, their assets are worthless if banks and funds weren't willing to support Watsa for a $9 ($4.7B) bid.

      Keep dreaming, keep hoping, keep thinking there's something special about this company because people like you is what makes it easy for me to short the heck out of this stock!

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Not all Bad news. No sales resulting in zero profits! That is not priced in yet!

    • The good news has been priced in. Look at the share price, it isn't $4...yet. Also the good news is that more bad news will be a regular occurrence.

    • I think you are missing the potential biggest bomb shell....unlocking android on the new OS. I have some close tech friends who say that could be a legit game changer.

    • Great stuff. Now, just watch the bears chime in with their negative spin.....

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