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  • cleto487 cleto487 Dec 11, 2013 5:17 PM Flag

    CITI analyst = YOYO man..from bearish upgraded to $ 22 only last March 2013

    and now 4$ wrong on the bearsh call, then when it rallied to $ 14 he called 22 target so wrong again and I would bet u that based on this irrational analysis that it will take 4 billion to wind down a business and that patents are worth almost nothing, he will be wrong again!!

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    • It was amazing for CITI to issue a downgrade when it reached a 10 year low after a consecutive shorting activities. I wonder why they did not publish the downgrade research report when it was 9, 8, 7, and 6s. The only answer is that they started short position and dreamed a much lower price before or after releasing the financial report, and so they had the report ready for it. However, they saw the reverse started and so the report was issued. Clearly they though they are smarter than others and they believed the upcoming financial report will provide big gain for their short position, but the reality is that everyone knows the incoming financial report will be ugly and that is why the company with a book value over $16 was heavily shorted and treated around $6. Now a much respectful new management team is formed and they will have a totally realistic approach and I believe most reasonable investors will give them some time to implement their plan.

      People may not like the decision to keep their hardware business, but I believe they made best decision to downside the product instead of completely close this division because only in such way, they can avoid or reduce the huge cost of liability.

      I do not think I should write more about CITI research report. However, it is my strong belief that the recent reversal buying activities are probably attributed to the insiders or the people who have recently reviewed the Blackberry's book information during the for-sale process. If this is true, I do not think there will be any hope for a much lower than the current one in a year.

      Above is just my 2 cents, no offense please. Wish all longs and shorties will make much, but too greedy will always leads to the opposite.

      Best wishes to all.

    • racebill Dec 11, 2013 5:59 PM Flag

      at the beginning of last year bbry had a chance to be a turnaround I gave them a 50-50 chance they had a lot of new products coming out. hype and rumors would carry bbry up or down $3 at a time. I believed bbry would touch $20 on hype if nothing else. Then instead of USA launch of q10 we got alicia keys and the dumbest superbowl commercial ever. And its just went downhill there phones were a flop and their other products make them no money.The bears were right tards just wont admit it. I made money on both sides of bbry the difference is the bear side has no risk

    • oh and the real estate ? i guess that is worthless when shutting down a business

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