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  • furusawa_99 furusawa_99 Jun 24, 2000 9:46 PM Flag

    Why I prefer RIMM to PALM

    Date written: 06/16/2000
    By: Lou

    Research In Motion Limited (NASDAQ: RIMM) is a leading
    designer, manufacturer and marketer of innovative wireless
    solutions for the mobile communications market. Through
    development and integration of hardware, software and
    services, RIM provides solutions for seamless access to
    time-sensitive information including email, messaging, Internet
    and intranet-based applications.

    technology also enables many third party developers and
    manufacturers in North America and around the world to enhance
    their products and services with wireless connectivity,
    which in case you did not know is an incredibly high
    growth market. Furthermore, the company has talked about
    a new opportunity for moving from some of the
    wireless-data-only type networks to some of the bigger public
    networks or some of the bigger cellular networks, an
    opportunity which is expected to start developing in the next
    12 months. These developments have analysts
    predicting long-term earnings growth of 80%, with the
    average estimate at 56.2% EPS growth per

    Recently, RIMM has been announcing deals that should
    greatly add to their revenue stream. Most recently
    Research in Motion announced a joint marketing partnership
    with OracleMobile, a subsidiary of Oracle (NASDAQ:
    ORCL) focused on the wireless Internet industry. The
    companies plan to work together to promote Ask@OracleMobile
    via BlackBerry, a wireless email solution for mobile
    professionals. Recently, RIMM also announced that, a
    leading distributor of software on the web, will
    distribute software that supports devices made by Research
    in Motion, specifically their pager-sized RIM 850
    Wireless Handheld and RIM 950 Wireless Handheld and the
    newer palm-sized RIM 957 Wireless Handheld. Why was
    this deal important? RIMM believes Tucows will be able
    to help create a strong market for third party
    applications that support the RIM products and

    Though the sell-off started well before their last
    earnings announcement it did not help either as the
    company announced their fourth quarter earnings were
    merely in line with expectations. Net income for the
    fourth quarter ended Feb. 29 was $3.2 million, or 5
    cents a diluted share, in line with the First Call
    mean. Revenue for the quarter was $25.8 million.
    Furthermore, in a conference call, the company said it expects
    first quarter revenue to be about the same as the
    fourth quarter, but sees sales taking off in the second
    half of the year. This will happen through reseller
    agreements with Dell Computer, Compaq Computer, and America
    Online, which will all start paying huge dividends in the
    second half of 2000.

    The company will
    aggressively increase selling and marketing spending in fiscal
    2001, which will be used to support the company's new
    e-mail pager device, call the RIM 957 Wireless Handheld.

    Finally, it should be noted that over the past two months
    analysts have placed some pretty lofty price targets on
    the stock. Credit Suisse First Boston gave RIMM a $68
    price target; USB Piper Jaffray gave the stock $100
    price target, and CE Untenberg gave RIMM a $150 price

    Simply, it is quite obvious that RIMM may
    have risen to high to quickly, however, over the
    long-term things are looking great for the company as they
    are expected to grow their earnings 171.8% next year
    and 56.2% over the long-haul. Not to mention a great
    second half of 2000 will not hurt the stock either.

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    • RIMM is alot more competitive price wise and in
      the coming days of tighter budgets and cost cutting
      why would corps go with a more expensive and inferior
      product ( Palm)?
      Yes fill me to the brim with

    • Sky is the limit. No reason to hold...

      • 1 Reply to voice_of_reason_01
      • did to CPQ. It is obvious that this company has
        it all together. They are focusing on the right
        market by going to the enterprise market first. PALM can
        have all the consumer market they want, it is the
        business market that has the money to spend on new tech
        products and they don't shop for the cheapest products
        like the general public. PALM has crappy management
        just like CPQ whereas RIMM like DELL has a vision for
        what the future holds. It took PALM almost seven
        versions to finally come close to getting it right.
        Blackberry has always been the best from the start. HAND is
        too late to the game and will hurt PALM more than

        As the PDA market grows, we have the leader right
        here in RIMM.


    • Date written: 05/04/2000
      By: Lou

      Wind River Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: WIND) is the leading
      provider of embedded software and services for smart
      devices in the Internet age. Simply, Wind River makes
      embedded software applications to create "smart
      appliances" and systems such as alarm clocks, vehicle braking
      systems, traffic signals, defense, and medical systems.
      Sure now you can purchase a smart micowave that may
      help you remember your daily chores, but soon Wind
      will be one of the key company's in the development of
      the future. You have probably seen the IBM commercial
      where Big Earl (The Frig) phones the repair company for
      help before anything is wrong, well this is the
      embedded software that WIND is developing.

      these products are not hear yet, and WIND is already
      profitable, so I feel obligated to mention some of their
      innovations already on the market. The company provides
      software development tools, real-time operating systems,
      and advanced connectivity for use in products
      throughout the Internet, telecommunications and data
      communications, digital imaging, networking, medical, computer
      peripherals, automotive, industrial measurement and control
      (IMC), and aerospace/defense markets.

      Wind River
      has also taken out any doubt concerning whether or
      not they will be the leader in the field as they have
      joined forces with Integrated Systems Inc forming a
      company well-positioned to bring more complete products
      and technology to market quickly, a merger which was
      completed April 3. Furthermore, this did not mark the end
      of WIND's acquisitions as they announced on March 13
      a definitive agreement to acquire Calgary,
      Alberta-based AudeSi Technologies Inc, a supplier of innovative
      embedded Java-based tools and other components for
      building flexible, multi-application consumer

      It should also be noted that Wind River Systems has
      become an analyst favorite over the past month.
      Prudential Securities and Frost Securities each reiterated
      their coverage of WIND at a strong buy with price
      targets of $50 and $69, respectively. (Prudential has
      just initialized coverage on April 25, and did its
      reiteration just 3 days later).

      Wind River has been
      growing very quickly over the past five years as they
      have grown their earnings an average of 47.7%. In
      addition to this WIND River is expected to continue their
      earnings growth at a 30% clip over the next five years, a
      number which can easily be beaten. Presently, analysts
      expect the market for information appliances to expand
      dramatically from 11 million units and $2.4 billion in 1999 to
      89 million units and $17.8 billion in 2004, which
      easily equates to more than 30% growth for WIND and may
      even help them surpass their previous average mark of
      47.7%, making their current $2.6 billion market
      capitalization very reasonable.

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      • Date written: 06/21/2000
        By: Lou

        WebTrends (NASDAQ: WEBT) is focused on providing solutions
        that enable their customers to continuously manage and
        enhance the success of their eBusiness initiatives,
        including their Internet infrastructure, eCommerce
        strategies and eMarketing activities. If this sounds like a
        high growth business that would have sold off
        dramatically in the last few months to you, you would be
        absolutely correct.

        As web sites, intranets, and
        extranets become more complex, on-going management and
        feedback are needed in many areas. Furthermore, a
        successful eBusiness now depends on a continuous stream of
        improvements that ensure detailed usage analysis, fine-tuned
        quality and performance, and tight security. This is
        where WebTrends comes in, as they are actually the
        leading provider of enterprise management and reporting
        solutions for Internet and intranet servers and firewalls.
        WebTrends offers organizations a comprehensive set of
        solutions that are integrated, scalable, modular, and

        It is also important to note that their
        products are not for a small minority of customers, but
        can actually be used by any type of organization. In
        fact, they are used by thousands of customers such as
        ISPs, government, and educational institutions, and
        corporate clients that include American Express, AT&T, IBM,
        Microsoft, and NASA. Recently WEBT has also expanded their
        world wide sales force and their solutions have become
        very popular with the music industry.

        other Internet companies WEBT has also been able to
        turn their innovation and sales into profits. Last
        quarter the company reported revenues of $10.4 million
        compared to $3.0 million for the same period last year, a
        245% increase, on a sequential basis revenues were
        also up 40%. Furthermore, net income increased 749% to
        $1.5 million, or $0.05 per share for the quarter
        compared to $178 thousand and $0.01 per share in the first
        quarter of 1999. This was actually WebTrends seventeenth
        straight quarter of increasing revenues and profits. In
        WebTrends PR concerning their last quarters earnings Eli
        Shapira, the company's CEO, commented, "Our revenue growth
        is a strong indicator of our position as a market
        leader and our ability to deliver solutions that are
        critical to our customers' eBusiness success"

        should also be noted that the company was actually able
        to improve their operating margin increased to 11.4%
        from 9.2% last quarter and 3.9% in the same quarter in
        1999, while adding nearly 5,000 new customers in the
        first quarter alone.

        The company's strong
        growth should not stop any time soon either, as the
        company has introduced a number of international programs
        to leverage their overseas channels. Furthermore,
        the amount of websites continues to grow at a rapid
        rate, and there has been no sign of a

        Finally, WebTrends stock has started to come back as it is
        up nearly 80% since I recommended. However, the
        stock still has plenty of upside potential now that the
        market again appears to be giddy over growth.

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