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  • therooneyexpress1138 therooneyexpress1138 Aug 9, 2014 5:53 PM Flag

    Been here....

    Since January. I was starting to think this was a pump and dump but with Joe Abrams involved I would think this has to be somewhat legit. It's risky but might be worth the shot. I'm going to grab some more.

    Sentiment: Buy

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    • But Total liabilities $19,768,469 Dec 31, 2013, so how much per share is owed?

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      • $0.0301liability per share is not that bad. actually just $19 million in liabilities is not much for a company with 655 million shares out there and a product which could become a winner. yes, at this stage it might be a gamble, but i took it. if i loose, i loose a little. if i win, i win big. so i don't know yet where my sentiment is and that is why i leave it open.

    • Same here. Some helpful background:

      If you watch their promo video you have to be interested in at least doing some serious DD. If you've ever worked with the disabled or anyone with RA or spastic CP, you can see that this could be a breakthrough product.

      The CEO didn't appear to have a perfect record to say the least, but VOIS kept saying they had the technology and a product and were going to be bought out. Obviously, that didn't pan out, but i guess they had a plan B which is what I kept asking their HQ since there should have been a quick buyout if the technology was ready for prime time.

      Casey Burt the PR guy was very responsive to me and probably as transparent as anyone with a penny stock could be. I did suggest they needed a plan B and they apparently did have one. I only held the stock because of HIS kindness and responsiveness. Other pennies don't get right back to you or really give you some flavor of what's going on.

      It's likely that there are other players in the space with a product being developed, but it sounds like with Abrams help, VOIS is going to make something that is cheaper, smaller and cooler. Abrams knows how to roll out a product and how to find buyers for small tech companies. He also has direct connections to these companies.

      Without Abrams in the picture, I was going to hold or sell. Now with Abrams on board, it's a reasonable penny stock with potential serious upside, so I bought more and am happy to trumpet its potential.

      BTW, I sold all my other pennies and kept only VOIS and MCIG. Pennystox seem like fun but are generally a losing, frustrating activity after all the dust settles. Of course, I'm no expert and don't give advice.

      As always, if you can't afford to lose every dime, don't buy pennies.


      Sentiment: Buy

    • Mr. Abrams has deep experience in helping early-stage, publicly held technology companies reach the next phase of growth. In 1999, he co-founded Intermix, the parent company of social networking leader MySpace. In 2005, Intermix was sold to News Corp. for $580 million. In addition, Abrams was a founder of The Software Toolworks, a software company that released several hit titles in the 1980's, which ultimately led to the company's sale in 1994 to Pearson, PLC for $462 million.

      "We are extremely excited to be working with Mr. Abrams for the completion and marketing of our proprietary EEG Headset and thought-controlled software applications, stated Kerry Driscoll, CEO. With a track record of successfully building and selling his technology companies for over $1 billion dollars, we will seek his guidance and resources on implementing our business plan to grow the Company for maximum value to our shareholders."

    • You never know. I had some residual cash so I bought some. It was either this or Malaysia airlines. Thank god I selected this because the govt took over the airline. LOL

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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