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  • t_baroi t_baroi Sep 30, 2013 4:30 PM Flag

    Zacks # 2 buy

    zacks still has buy rating on this stock, possible bottom here, hold.

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    • Read the latest ABX news; Now there are 30-million shares they have to sell, with GFI having delivered them at a cost around $4.70. There are no restrictions for ABX to sell either.

      Gold's free-falling, 30-million shares yet to be sold of GFI. I hate to say it, b/c I'm "stuck" in some long-dated options, but things look worse and worse each day! Big learning lesson for me, and "fools gold"; How in the world gold can be down in "today's world" defies all my logical thinking power. Just goes to show me anyhow, that gold may be a "hedge", but it's not a good investment. We got that one-day bounce to get-out, when the Fed made their recent announcement...and if we missed that, then "here we are"; The real question now is, "how low and how long"? I just hope we aren't in for some "years of gold down-trending"; That will break the backs of many miner, to be sure.

      If you are "thinking of going long here", I sure wouldn't. There will be plenty of time for gold to prove it self, and for these mining stocks to turn-around. Until then, it's day-after-day, waiting for some bottoming. I almost wish gold could just fall $300 in a day, so we could go ahead and get to $1,000 and be done with this.


      PS: Yeah, I saw that Zack's #2 buy, and that somewhat encourage me, until I saw GFI's performance, and I've come to the conclusion that Zack's is just plain wrong on this one!

      PPS: Look at SBGL btw. I've been screaming nearly daily, that that's the way to go, if you must, with miners and GFI. It's un-changed! Why? B/c it's so fundamentally under-valued that even with gold's plummet today, it is waiting like a snake to strike upward, on a better gold pricing day!

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