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  • iknowyouknow99 iknowyouknow99 Dec 19, 2010 4:30 PM Flag

    Stock price at these levels is really meaningless

    Honestly, I cannot believe the amount of speculation of whether this stock trades up or down at these rediculous levels. This was a $90 stock now down below $3. It fell of a cliff because of the irrational fear that Ireland would collapse and default like Iceland. As should be clear now, that just ain't in the cards. The Bank of Ireland is going nowhere. The EU, the Fed and the Chinese would never let it happen because of the domino effect. The Irish always recover and this will be no exception. In my humble opinion we will see the share price rise over $50 within 5 years. A 15-20 bagger in that time period is a lifetime's worth of investing. I plan on retiring on this stock. Over and out.

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