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  • mimscalltoarms mimscalltoarms May 19, 2002 11:17 AM Flag

    Hummm Interesting......

    Appears to be a whole new cast of (bashers) with new names. Old bashers must have returned back to their Fatherland and sent us the junior storm troopers.

    Longs listen up!

    These bashers are not here gloating, they are here trying to stir up more fear! The previous shorts have gone and taken a vast portion of our wealth with them. These are new bashers trying to cause more fear so they can get a piece of the action they missed on Friday.

    Otherwise, why are they here? To tell us tidbits of their great wisdom, to help us protect our remaining invest by dumping it now before its too late.

    I ask you only one question; if these "saints" truely had/have our best interest in mind why were they not spreading these numerous insights about the SEC filing before the onslaught. No, these are no "saints", this is the same "greed" that ravaged us on Friday.

    They are not accountants or lawyers or CEOs or SEC officials or analysts.... they are just fear mongers trying to drive the price to 5 or less so they can reap the same harvest reaped on Friday.

    They know it, they know many of us know it, now here is something else they can know.... I FOR ONE AM NOT GOING PLAY YOUR GAME. I will hold this fine Company's security to $1.00 if need be. You will not get my savings. Eventually, you and your kind will find a new victim and move on. I will wait out the long healing process and go to my day job and live my life and continue to invest in fine Companies.

    In my eyes, you bashers are nothing short of the low lifes that lurk onto the battlefields of old England stealing personal items off the dead.

    Therefore, if this instantly pisses you off. You will begin spewing your vile rantings at me; at which time all longs and myself will know what posters to put on our ignore lists.

    Enuff Said!

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    • Agreed,
      As the price fell on Friday, I bought, bought, bought. Averaged down to $12/shr. No company is perfect, I've got plenty of examples. Fear rules the market today. With due dilligence, I'm still a believer here. If I'm proven wrong, that's life. Patience is a virtue, and Tuesday will be here soon enough.

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