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  • watchworth watchworth Jul 1, 2009 10:07 AM Flag

    What is the big deal with this POS?

    It keeps going up. Who is the sucker that keeps buying and buying? This stock should be at $3 where it belongs.

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    • I am the sucker and I like what I see. So go ahead and post your banter on a stock thread. I am sure it will stem the tide. No one will look at the numbers and do any Due Dillegence. They'll just see your post and think they better stay away from Bioscript. Good have everyone go away..or short the stock..either way..just go away.

    • Do the math retard., and you will know why.

    • Now that this is in the index hopefully there will be some stabilzation of share price. If the intrest keeps at 1/2 million shares this will keep going up until price and demand get ballanced. Don't believe the recent price action because like many have stated there were being punished. The market and funds and analysts can do this from time to time but the only one that loses is usually the small investor. You probably think that the market should be 40% lower from where it is now. One thing that conferms this over the market is that volume has actually increased here. They were chosen for a MS case study which hit the news yesterday. I thought that I should post something good since everyone has negative info and posts. If you don't think this is a good thing go ahead and chime in. Bios was a high flier 10 years ago but they developed a love hate relationship with investors and funds and analysts after being treated so poorly. Bios shut off the news flow once it was used against them. Didn't they make 8 cents last q? If you have certain funds in your 401k the buyer just might be you.

    • Being a specialty drug management company, it does have the niche market value. CHMD was in the twenties before it got itself a big heavy bag of reputation of lousy management for share holder values. It has since merged into MIMS and hence became BIOS of today. I do not know much of current situation but the previous buz of chmd alone should worth more than 3's not talking about the additional value from MIMS and the new BIOS. If the previous bad rap can be rid of, than it should worth a lot more than what you think. I think that the change of name to BIOS was part of the strategy to get rid of the bad rap although it seemed to take lot longer than expected. Let's be patient and see how it works out.

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