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  • dbergh1 dbergh1 Jun 18, 2009 12:58 PM Flag

    some volume at 0.7

    "EMOTIONAL" O-M-G Are you out of your MIND???? Where in the F-CK do you
    come up whith that???... What are you A Message Board "SHRINK"???

    Just calm the F-ck down it is only a message board.

    (O) and watch the potty mouth TOO, K O
    And stop picking on nice calm people.
    And don't you think that you should not be so hard on people????????...
    And don't direct me to those old post's where that ASS was posting rude stuff to you OK....!!

    Turth 8360 Please learn to relax it is better for you..
    Your frind dbergh

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    • well here we are 70 cent per share.
      not sure wtf to think, cause wish i had dumped 10k at .90 and rebought at .66; but no crystal ball here. and if i had dumped some, guess what - news and over 1 and would i be one pi$$ed unit. so in for long haul with whole lot of shares. waiting thoughts for now. nothing to add-glta.

      • 2 Replies to cburgs711
      • I was fortunate to dump 10k at .83 and buy back at .70. However, now I'm starting to regret my impatience because I was going originally going to try and make the exchange at .65. So I want to know these are new shares from the failed breakout that are being sold or are these the perpetual sellers shares selling through the breakout and we still have to see the weakhands from the failed breakout take us down even more. Csgh is like trading options. You can't really trade it because of the spreads. but you can't risk it holding long term either. You have to try to cost average down with extra shares while holding your core position which in itself is extremely difficult.

      • Don't feel bad. It was a break out attempt. You could have been right. On the chart, draw a pair of parallel lines, one from the all time top to the april high though last year's top, the other one going through the lows. You will see that this stock almost succeeded to break out. Unfortunately, the recent drop back has completely undone the break out.