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  • stan1967 stan1967 May 10, 1999 5:24 PM Flag

    hooch 4561


    Does that imply that no US,
    Canadian, European, or Asian financial institution would
    touch it with a 10-foot pole??

    Scraping the bottom of the barrel???? Grasping at

    And don't tell me otherwise. I lived in the Middle
    East for 22 years as a financial

    And, by the way, this ain't the STRE message board. Go
    hype somewhere else!

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    • It is some idiot trying to stir things up in here again. Ignore the dork.

      Has been much more pleasant in here with the real Norris gone. Let's keep it that way.


    • You appear to be presuming that there is some
      desire by the individuals who post here to shine your
      shoes. I can assure you that your ego and misplaced
      anger would ensure that even the most desperate street
      shoe-shiner would tell you to take your business elsewhere,
      for, you see, even while your shoes are being shined
      the guy doing the work would like to have a
      reasonable conversation. I also suspect that the guy shining
      the shoes has made more money in his enterprise that
      you have in the stock market.

      One final point:
      I agree that none of us could come close to your
      intelligence; before we can compare intelligence on the chart,
      we need to be able to register yours. I don't
      believe the Stanford charts start so low.

      To the
      rest of you, Good Luck and thank you for the far more
      intelligent postings.

    • you were in graduate school this spring-was it
      Penn, Penn State, oh no it was Slippery Rock. I know
      making up work in summer school can be exasperating, and
      I know it has fully absorbed your attention, since
      the post you got off on was over a month old. I see
      all that hard work and hobnobbing with all those
      Phd's, has left you primed to let the high schoolers on
      this board know what a privilege its been to have had
      the benefit of your newly acquired expertise. Wasn't
      that long ago that you were forecasting TSRI's descent
      into the bulletin board pink sheets, so what's the
      fresh from academica prediction for now, sonny boy?

    • As if its any of your business, read post #1835.
      This jerk couldn't even shine my shoes (and neither
      could you)
      I'm sick of the idiots that post here,
      you can include yourself among them. How dare any of
      you question me. None of you could even come close to
      my intelligence, so don't even

      Conservatively Yours,
      Raymond J. Norris

    • Norris,

      I didn't see any message from Stan
      in recent postings, so I am not sure where this most
      recent tirade is coming from, unless someone is trying
      to stir up the nonsense from a couple of months ago
      again. I hope not, as the postings recently have been
      far more intelligent that some of those in the past.

    • You're the stupidest poster on this thread.
      You're a "rank idiot"
      How dare you question my
      intelligence. You couldn't possibly know what I know. There's
      not one person on this board who's intellect can
      match mine and I've proved it over and over and over
      again. None of you will ever be able to match my superb
      intellect, so stop trying.

      Raymond J. Norris

    • Message #1773

    • Sold half of my TSRI last week to lock in some
      profits. Hope I regret it I think.

      From TSRI's website.....
      INITIATIVES. So far this year we increased Sales Force by 40%
      and Technical Recruiters by

      Have been keeping track of TSRI's job
      3/26 = 141 openings
      4/8 = 155 openings
      4/20 =
      157 openings
      4/28 = 171 openings
      5/5 = 185
      5/7 = 168 openings
      5/11 = 160 openings
      5/17 =
      144 openings
      5/25 = 154 openings
      6/2 = 159
      6/4 = 164 openings

      No slowdown

      Just checked and found 155 today of which 114 have
      been listed in the last seven days.

      wonder who bought 800,000 shares last April



    • I�ve seen well over a 200% return since I signed
      up last June. By far one of my best investments. I
      loved the free trial newsletter so I subbed in for a
      It�s pretty amazing for $49.99.

      get me wrong�I�m not trying to sell it to �ya, I�m
      just saying it�s worth a peek.

      Here�s some excerpts from recent newsletters:

      Thursday we saw the Techs basically sell off later in the
      day as traders didn't want to hold them going into
      the morning. Unless that employment report comes in
      so favorable that they dismiss the Rivlin
      resignation, I don't expect to see much activity here. If for
      some reason the NASDAQ does move higher on the day, I
      would be watching CMVT, BRCM, GMST, SDLI, NEON, NTAP,
      and SONE. After them I think MUSE has more room, We
      like LGTO, ADTN is holding up well, and BWT (who we
      featured in Sundays "Some thoughts" section) has a lot of
      room to grow. (ps..
      keep your eye on ORCL, we said
      two weeks ago that they would probably start heading
      up and they are indeed trying to

      Short-term picks have averaged a 25% return in 10 trading
      days. Long term averaged 65% for the year.

      Memorable Suggestions:
      NSOL, CNET, and CMGI on 3/8/99
      (+40), (+40), and (+47 1/2) respectively. Not to mention
      EPAY on 3/15/99(+21 57/64).

    • >>Raymond is derived by spelling omar
      backwards: ramo.
      add a y, n and d and you have

      Marv Albert is derived by spelling Faclark backwards:
      Drop the k, l, c, f, add an m, v, b, e, t, and you
      have it.

      Wow, that's some nice detective work
      there Sherlock. Did you figure that one out all by

      Conservatively Yours,
      Raymond J. Norris

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