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  • kjessup kjessup Sep 5, 2000 12:48 PM Flag


    I guess the "sucker" posting is feeling a little
    foolish this afternoon. I hope all of the short term
    thinkers jump off the train here at this level.

    Contrary to the previous post this company (despite a
    highly compensated CEO) generates tons of free cash, and
    the sector is finally recovering post Y2K. Hold on if
    you are long and you will be rewarded.

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    • TSRI was mentioned by tac from ABFI

      I have been looking to go more into IT services
      companies. TSRI looks like about as good a buy as I have
      been able to find.

      tac: When I said I had
      looked at TSRI before, I was mistaken. It turned out it
      was TSRC that I had looked at before. TSRC didn't
      interest me because they are a staffing company.
      (middleman companies are questionable. the issue is, does
      anyone really need them?)

      So now I understand why
      I didn't buy TSRI when I looked at it before. I
      hadn't looked at it before. If I had, I probably would
      have bought some.

      • 2 Replies to bot_feeder
      • bot_feeder: Remember you from the CGZ board. What
        do you like about this company?

        I'm not in
        but may be in the future. No debt, no intangibles,
        revenues growing steadily, good earnings , and
        institutional ownership is increasing - not bad; and money
        flow, what there is of it, is increasing also.
        Shouldn't be a whole lot of tax related selling either.
        Insider buys at this level ca 6 months ago. You could
        easily make a case for a stock price over ten dollars.

        But there's the small float, no PR and depressed,
        crowded sector.

      • I added some more TSRI a few weeks ago. I hope it
        works out. I don't think we shoot out the lights on
        this one, but a steady grower.

        P.S. Thanks for
        the advice about the excess "hubris" - I can't get
        that out my mind. I think I know what you mean, but
        can you spell it out for my decaying brain. What
        exactly is hubris ?


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