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  • booleansearcher booleansearcher Apr 19, 2013 7:48 AM Flag

    Many uneducated "investors" on this board

    that is clear -- you get someone using my identity if variation - dow who is that guy and biggles who rides with or in fact is dow and booleanisafool -- way too funny. Lets see who this turns out on this release. You have to understand that the partners need to drive top/bottom line or they are just cute little entries on US Dataworks sheet of hope ---- my point is there will be plenty of time to build a larger position here IF the numbers start to come in - TO DATE it has all been a mirage and a magician show - the numbers all disappear in one wave of the quarterly report. Sit back kids you are playing a game that it is clear you don't understand. Boolean.

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    • Boolean- There are many different types of successful educated investors, some like me invest a small percentage of their money in turn around companies and buy before the news actually turns good.

      What I find interesting are posters like you who spend a large amount of time on a board posting negative information in a company in which they are unlikely to hold a short position. I always wonder what is their agenda, though I suspect it is the obvious one. They want shares either now or if the company is successful and they are trying to discourage anyone else from buying before they get their shares.

    • So you want to get in after the big gain then sell at a loss as gamblers like yourself sell in a panic. A smart investor performs in-depth due-diligence and identifies winners which is what I have done here. I suggest thatinterested investers dig deep into recent developments and make up their own minds regarding any investment in UDW.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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