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  • booleansearcher booleansearcher Apr 23, 2013 9:15 PM Flag

    So I see Dow decided to use his other three alias's today/nite

    very interesting..... he came to anther board not long ago and others before when my huge winners (many buyouts) occured and threw fits on how "lucky" I was to be bailed out and now he picks one here I see that is down so far (not to worry as I will make a solid profit on them in the coming year(s) - I suspect I will now see you on my gold stock that is being bought so again I win huge on that small fry that ran up ---- and keep watching freeport/fcx as I am buying more and more on dips and likely will tomorrow as well. Keep watching ricks cabaret as noted before dow and alias's --- but don't let facts get in the way of a good argument right??/ Way too funny -- at least now I understand that no one buys small stocks like us data especially Wall Street right -- who is Wall Street??? Just how little do you actually know dow and alias's -- it is amazing to me that you can come on here repeatedly and out do your prior lack of depth -- but continue on. You kids are funny to watch and to listen to so much that I can't seem to give it up. Well time to go meet with my PARTNERS ....... there going to buy all of my stuff. Boolean.

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    • Hehehehe.....

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      • Dr. Boolean, just keep taking your self prescribed meds and all will be fine. You may want to up the dosage as I have not posted here under any other name! Just don't switch between drug types or you could end up comitting suicide just like a good friend of mine did. Can you imagine that, dying under a physician's care? Really sad situation that I do not want to see repeated in your case.

        Perhaps the members here could help you with your issues? Seeing multiple Dow's mixed with anger and a wanton desire to kick this stock while it is trying to pick itself up may be indicitive of some serious mental issues but what do I know as you are the Doctor with a couch.

        Best O'Luck,


        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • you see dow that is why you have no respect here and likely any where you go in "real life". you are an amusing little person for sure and that is why I have worked to help those like you all my life in my practice. you use all these alias's to support your low self esteem -- not a real good way to live my friend - stop by OK - I got a couch for you. GOLD. Boolean.

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