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  • booleansearcher booleansearcher Apr 24, 2013 7:39 AM Flag

    Can US Dataworks

    trade above .14?? Will the "partners" buzz push US Data higher? OR - does it drop today as usual as it hit its top trading range? Will Marco buy 50k shares on the open market? Now even more interesting -- does GOLD turn here -- so many calling the end of gold yet we may well see the wedding season in India provide that secure floor along with all the value buyers in China and the like. And speaking of China - there return to growth is slower than expected hitting metals companies -- but growth will happen there and they are actually doing what the US should have done during the fraud housing boom and try to control it - slow it - not perpetuate it. I see my ford bought for 2 bucks up nicely this morning - another strong turn around trading in the 13 range. Buying more strong dividend players and adding to freeport again today as I noted. Oil looking firmer - the US is coming back from the disaster of the Bush years. Great to be an American again and glad we independents think and don't just ride a party. Boolean

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    • I think no amount of buzz is going to lift this stock. Investors want to see if the company can now successfully monetize their activity with "thousands of banks" and "billions of dollars transferred". Right now their profitability model must need even higher transaction volumes, lower costs, or a whole new revenue plan.

      Sentiment: Hold

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      • I believe the level of transactions determines the fee structure but I could be incorrect as things do change. The current client roster processes a lot of transactions and receives preferred pricing based on thier volume. As new clients are added that process lower volumes fees actually rise. It is my belief that a bunch of lower tier volume clients have been added so we should see revenue jump awee bit. Conversely these new clients are utilizing the cloud platform which lowers UDWs associated expense when compared to the on premise version. We should see revenue increase and cost of goods sold decline resultong on wider profit margins.

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    • IMHO he is already buying as are other insiders not required to report such transactions as they do not manage day to day operations or provide oversight like the BOD but what do I know.

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