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  • booleansearcher booleansearcher Jun 10, 2013 9:36 PM Flag

    gotta wonder about Marco Palombo

    Favorite Movies: Star Trek, The Dark Knight (agree), Star Wars and Avatar -- sorry but he sounds a bit immature. President: Would not vote for Obama -- and likely voted for Bush twice - the greatest disaster of our times who was even ostracized by his own party . Yeah vote for Romney the guy who said the middle class had an income level of 250k -- wowza. Glad I am independent and actually think for myself.
    Maybe Marco can overcome the above but partnered with present management does not give me a lot of hope. If he does not bring in some major PAYING ACCOUNTS this quarter they may as while throw in the towel. Will know soon if it is BK or survival -- I think Dow took his shares to the free clinic for a little cleansing and giggle who is likely just an alias of dow was hung up in the closet for another day. Boolean.
    Romney - hey lets let the auto industry go BK not real savvy.

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    • You seem a bit frustrated there boolean and I cant help but wonder why give the facts that this investment is part of your speculative portfolio not to mention that as a psychologist you get to lay down on a nice leather couch between patients as well as self medicate with some of the best drugs available on the market today.

      Any who perhaps you could accept the possibility that the reseller networks is delivering deals or growing theirclient list through their sales teams making the need for a fullly dedicated UDW sales team less necessary.

      Hope the above is the case or I may become one of your top patients.

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