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  • ballgame310 ballgame310 Nov 20, 2007 6:11 PM Flag

    Fast Money/Adami

    Again saying buy FCX. Said should be bought at these levels and walkaway. REminded that GS has $130 target and has plenty of upside. FWIW

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    • Actually the western countries are the fastest and most productive when it comes to construction. Where do you get off saying the zips are four times faster than us. Have some pride. The only reason they would ever be faster than us is because there is a billion and counting.

    • please read again look at how much they are paying seems like they are very desperate for a commodity that will be going down as you think. deel is not signed what about war transportation etc. now look how well they have performed in africa!china will be paying 3 to 4 dollars ifthey buy on the open market or produce themselves.fcx cost basis is much lower

    • Where can I find the article please?

    • Anyone care to chime in on where copper and the stock group goes, now that China has just signed a contract with the Afghans to run the biggest copper mine in the world? I would think between the general slowdown of the world's economy and taking a big chunk of demand out of the market, prices shouldn't be rising anytime soon. And I don't think you can put out the rational that it will take years before the Chinese get the mine up and running. From what I have seen and read about the Chinese, they get things built about 4 times faster than Western countries, for the same project. Whether it is their cities or a plant for Warren Buffet, they will put things in the fast lane if they want something built. I would call copper a priority to them and I have to wonder if BHP will think hard about their RIO bid. If copper prices crater, they will look like Time Warner when they bought out AOL.

    • Adami has been pretty accurate on FCX. I believe it was in the mid to high 90's when he predicted it would go to 115.

    • You're right, if you are an idiot to blindly follow without research on your own, but they are good for ideas and entertaining, if nothing else.

    • Well, I think Karen is right on with Crocs. I agree with another poster here who says they are more accurate than most. The options guru said Exxon was way overvalued in the low $90's. I bought puts and made $$$. Cramer got me interested in FCX in the $60's, his only great call I can remember, but I stopped following him. Did buy FCX at $80 and sold half at $105, then just bought back that half at $93. I think it goes much higher.

      Love Fast Money though. All those guys have their strengths. But Karen does always pick the boring ones. So when I'm ready for retirement, I'll follow her advice (in about 25 years, lol).

    • Everyone on the show and any talk-show for that matter are worthless. Seriously, how can you make 10 recommendations everyday like every talking head does. Look at that baldy Macke, talks about how TGT got slammed as if he didn't recommend it and his COH has done poorly, etc. The best one on the show though is by far Guy Adami and Najarian ain't bad with the options plays, but he's only for the select active and disciplined TRADERS not investors. Karen is very basic just pigging backing the big guys like Icahn, Kerkorian, etc. with their BEAS, TSO, BIIB, plays. It's funny how not once do you hear a fair value given by any of them or an intrinsic value on one company. It's just about the "tape" and only idiots follow that.

    • I think FCX is a great value; however, I don't trust any recommendation coming from the guys on Fast Money. Their track record is really poor.

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