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  • MINCE38 MINCE38 Aug 18, 2006 2:53 AM Flag

    How many shares are short of NAT?

    Thanks John. With over 5% of the shares of NAT short, and its also on naked short list, I am glad I sold half of my position. This looks to me as if it will have downward pressure for at least another month. Glad I sold half my position. Its a great co., but seems quite manipulated by the shorts to me. Plus there is almost no insider ownership. Thats a lethal combination.
    Great site recommendation. I will be signing up for it soon! I invite you to take a look at my yahoo board called:momsonline stocks and perhaps you would like to be a contributor. Its a beautiful thing when we can all help each other stay ahead of the curve instead of shouting insults a spewing silly info about bulletin board stocks that go nowhere.

    thanks for the info,

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    • Hi Marc,

      Thanks for tip. I'll give your site "" a check. I'm glad you found the links helpful. The data you're looking at is not current - but you get the current up to date info when you do subscribe. Good luck with your investments. :)

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      • Hey John,

        Glad you told me the numbers arent current. I will bet that the short interest has increased, not decreased. As an aside I have been reading several articles about how naked shorting is going to ultimately wreak havok in the markets as syndicates, hedge funds and whatever you want to call them are just picking off low volume stocks and destroying them. And I dont buy that short squeeze nonsense that a high percentage of shorts mean they must buy and push the price back higher. Even if done legitimately, it is a fact..."guys who short big $$$$ have better info as a rule than guys who go long. You need to, to survive. Good luck all on MAT. I suspect when the divvy yield on this is back to rediculous extremes, it will be safe to get back in again. Meanwhile, look how we are getting destroyed on no bad news all this week. Even as I write they are dumping/shorting this puppy like it is going chapter 11. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...I wonder, are we holding the next Enron? Ahhhhh, who even wanted to think about this. Damn shorts. I know the whole shipping sector is getting hit which is why I feel just a little safer holding 1/2 of my shares. XLE and OIH acting very weird as well. What a manipulated market. Gotta be crazy to buy on margin in these times. How sad that even with the internet giving us all this information, we still are in the dark about so much.

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