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  • chrisjcrash chrisjcrash Sep 20, 2010 9:00 AM Flag


    You cannot buy a stock on Cramer's recommendation unless he owns it himself and the stock has decline 30-40%.

    His lightning round picks are a joke. Neither he nor his staff can possibly research all of the companies that are called in and most of his audience does not realize that. NAT is a good case. There have been many quarters that NAT has not generated enough cash from operating activities to pay a dividend but has generated enough cash by selling stock to pay it anyway. That IMHO is not a prudent way to run a company. There are much better tanker companies.

    Cramer's lightning round picks should be banned.

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    • The unforgivable thing about Kramers recommendation was_when_he recommended NAT. At the time, the BDI and NAT's share price were in freefall. There was no evidence that NAT was near turning up. At times it looks like Cramer is a paid tout for various stocks. I'm inclined to believe that free advice on Wall Street is worth what you pay for it. Kramer can't make much from this piddeling Cabel show. He is restricted from trading for his own account in the stocks he recommends. So where does he make the big money in this scenario. Remember, he was a big-time hedge fund manager.

      In my opinion all the shows on cable are getting cash under the table to bring on various touts to promote various stocks where they have a vested interest. These shows are no different than the late-night talk shows. Every guest on that show is promoting all manner of crap as something worthy of your attention. No one should watch the cable financial shows. They are an utter waste of time and a danger to your portfolio.

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