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  • lkclarkston lkclarkston Feb 12, 2013 3:53 PM Flag

    Love this company. Bought 600 shares. In it for the long haul.

    I have followed NAT for 6 years plus a little bit. I thought I was a trader awhile back and over-traded various stocks like this one. Now that I have some retirement money to work with and 15-20 years Lord-willing, I am playing a new game: LONG TERM INVESTING.

    Picking companies that I will not bail on. Dividend payers with good fundamentals. "Meat-and-potato" businesses with real products, real services, and real people. Get rich slow companies.

    Number one on my personal list is NAT. The CEO makes shareholders feel like they are part of the company. I hope to add to my position in the future.

    Other stocks I have chosen are TNH, SBR, & BPT.

    Take care and God bless. Add your 2 cents or other stock favorites, I will add them to my watch list if they don't suck.

    Sentiment: Buy

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    • You may be overexposed to energy. SBR and BPT are royalty trusts, which doesn;t quite fit in to with your criteria of real people and real services. NAT is a shipping company and what it carries is oil.

      I saw the CEO twice on Cramer's show over a short period of time about a year ago. Seemed to be a charming guy, but that's not enough. I don't know what you mean when you say he makes shareholders feel as if they're part of the company.

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      • Hello Vincent_Van_Gogo. Thank you for you response.

        Yes, if the stocks I listed were all I owned I would be energy imbalanced. I do believe we should DIVERSIFY . But not just in stocks. Invest in usable assets. Invest in assets that can be sold for a profit later in life. Land. Home. Guns.

        Yes, I repeat, Herbj Hansson is a terriffic salesman for his company. He has done a magnificent job in communicating his goals, dreams, visions down to his shareholders so that they feel part of the company. Other top CEOs are in my opinion are William J. Doyle of POT and Warren Buffet (of course - Berkshire Hathaway).

        With LONG-TERM investing, I want companies that when the SHTF and "blood is in the streets", I will find a way to buy more shares instead of bailing because an MSNBC anaylst holds a negative opinion for my stock.

        William J O'Neil and the IBD system is absolutely first rate but I do not want to stay in trading mode with all of my "investments" anymore.

        Take care.

    • PCL has been a great pick for me over long haul, up over 26%. OHI is another long haul favorite, up over 42%.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Three names for the long haul: PCL, MRO, OLN. Pricey right now but buy on weakness and reinvest dividends.

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      • Hello jjmc2000.

        MRO (Marathon) has been on my list for a long time. Although I don't have this stock at present, I have recommended it to a close friend. I support this one directly by feeding my pick-up truck with Speedway gas. Always trying to pump up the economy, right?

        PCL (Plum Creek Timber), which was also recommended by giants1100, is a new one to me. Nice divvy, doesn't look too bad. I will take a second look. I personally work in the food packaging/folding carton business. I have always liked International Paper because they were smart enough a decade ago to invest in Russian forests to provide paper and cardboard products to the Chinese market.

        OLN (Olin Corp) looks like the best one of the bunch for me. Being a life-long hunter/gun enthusiast, I am interested in their Winchester segment. I will watch this one closer now. Just may "pull the trigger".

        Thanks for your input.


    • Consider possible addition of a silver miner or physical silver, tho I personally would trade the miner to some extent, due to the tremendous volatility in the precious metals. Would be speculative to pick EXK as it bottoms...might be close...but silver must turn around...only have small amount so not 'talking my book' on that one. DO plan to add, however and build a position. Right now, have accumulated tiny amounts of 9 precious metals miners on this steep pullback/hatred/contempt for them.

      NOT suggesting to buy heavily until/unless clear turnaround back to upside and even then, would take advantage of the volatility to add/trade or diversify further.

      It's just an opinion of person learning to trade for her family (medical challenges)...and has left previous profession to concentrate on home business and markets (more than 10 years).

      NOT a financial guru...background/interests in sciences and humanities...but that very fact may give me a bit of a 'fresh' view.

      Personally would keep SOME cash and TAKE SOME PROFITS no matter what. Crashes are not impossible, imo.

      Email me, since I have a very useful suggestion I do not want to post publicly. I'm vcaritas (here at Yahoo).

      God Bless !!!

      Peace Prayers Agape ~

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      • thoughtful message...continued success!!!!

      • Hi vcaritas. Thank you for the long and well thought out post.

        Looked at EXH (Endeavor Silver). Although I have owned silver companies in the past and do have some gold stock through AUY (Yamana Gold - Canada) and mining companies through VALE in South America, I agree with you on owning some physical silver. I really am not a rich guy but I do believe God wants us to not be foolish with our time or our money. I have been buying one silver dollar per week for several years now. Little things turn into big things.

        Weeds grow fast and then die. Trees grow slow. The wise are like trees planted by rivers of waters says Psalm 1. The wicked are not so but as chaff driven by the wind. I sure have fun playing all of these stock games but I have to remember some day I am leaving just as I came in. All we take with us is what God has built in us. He also is in the gold and silver refining business.

        Peace Prayers Agape back to you.


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