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  • loual49 loual49 Oct 28, 1999 11:18 PM Flag

    hey biofartboy!!!~!

    When I was 22 I was very busy doing what
    young men do.
    Why arn't you doing what other young men
    are doing??????

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    • He is rebelling. And we are being paternal. *G*

      • 2 Replies to makoto_x
      • That really got me laughing!!

        BiotechTeen seems to have forgotten is precisely what you
        point out - that this is an orphan indication and thus
        we have Orphan status, which incidentally Celebrex
        doesn't have, and it gives us some patent advantages. I
        can't begin to guess where this kid does his so-called

        A few facts we longs can use to sleep peacefully at

        1. 85% of NDAs are accepted by the FDA.
        2. With
        Orphan status and clear safety and efficacy data, the
        odds will be considerably better than that.
        After approval, off-label revenues for prostate should
        be enormous.
        4. The sporadic polyp trial finale
        is just around the corner. That s a 2.6M patient
        pool that we should get a large bite of.
        5. On
        Monday the clinical trials analysts will begin to crunch
        the numbers on the PIII prostate trial. If the
        interim data hold up, and we continue to see a halt in
        the rise of PSA, that's a wow. If the data show
        reduction, that would leave me breathless...
        6. The
        shorts have knocked the price down to rediculous levels.
        Now that the APC trial results are out, institutions
        will begin to buy once they have had their

        Of course none of this addresses the future
        potential, which is stratospheric. Lung and breast cancer,
        combination therapy with taxanes, etc. Let's be a little
        grateful to the shorts, as they have given us a gift of
        sorts... Once Wall Street wakes up, we'll be in for a heck
        of a ride...

      • At 22 you do better than he is. Where will his future lie? On some board, making little sense? Poor kid. You gotta feel sorry for his small world. Probably a small.............too.

    • I had to go back to see how I "attack"
      because at my age one forgets.
      You didn't answer the
      why do you spend time here?
      I'm over the hill with
      little else to do
      so that's part of reason I'm
      Have you met Mr Fuelcell yet @ MKTY?
      I thought you
      were 2 peas in a pod,now I Think
      objectionable he KNOWS his
      stuff. Cheers Lou

    • professor_waltersimpel professor_waltersimpel Oct 29, 1999 12:16 AM Flag

      I wrongly accused of biotech of salacious
      behaviour on other boards. I found out that he was innocent
      and a poster by the name of macsog6970 was the

      My apologies to this board and biotech for my

      Professor Walter