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  • thesunneyone thesunneyone Jun 28, 2000 4:10 PM Flag

    just passing thourgh

    day you had this brilliant flash of intuition and
    sold yet you keep posting.You should thank your lucky
    stars you got out in time and move on.Perhaps you
    should consider getting on the winning side and shorting
    this turd with the rest of the smart money.If not then
    get a life get a wife or whatever it takes to occupy
    your worthless time here on earth.

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    • ...rude children, but I'll make an exception this
      time. I had been holding the results of shorting some
      22.5 June puts that got exercised. I sold them Monday
      AM for 22 7/8. When the stock failed to tank on the
      CC, I got back in put writing over the last two days
      at levels that might leave me stuck with stock at
      average of 20 5/8. If I factor in the profits I've made
      in the past on CLPA, my net cost if exercised would
      be under 15. My only losing trade on CLPA was a
      short strangle that bit me on the call side. I've
      learned not to write calls on CLPA except to get rid of
      stock I already hold. Let's say that the stock tanks on
      FDA disapproval, quick 15pt drop. OTOH, a return to
      66 for a quick gain over 40pts is certainly possible
      if FDA approves Aptosyn. With those odds, I'd only
      short if I really believed the 10% approval prediction
      from Evan & Stephen.