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  • diehlr1 diehlr1 Oct 4, 2000 2:40 PM Flag

    NOT A Medical Or Science Event...

    NOT A Medical Or Science Event...

    I went
    and listened to the conference call again.

    Yep - Rif perfectly stated that the non-approval was
    a "regulatory" event, not a "medical" or "science"

    That sure sounds good to me.

    Roger (Happy As A Pig In ####) Diehl

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    • How would he know this if the facts are not
      coming until the meeting? Besides, I thought the
      "letter" said safty and effectiveness deficiencies. I
      think this is the same wishful thinking that got us in
      this mess to start with. At this point I am only
      interested in what the FDA has to say. Why? Because as I
      said on Black Friday 9/25, this company is on the
      block and the price it goes for will be greatly
      dependant on what the FDA has to say... not what the
      company "spins." BT has either mislead investors with his
      "spin" or he is in way over his head. We need a seasoned
      RE Agent to manage the company now through its sale.

      • 2 Replies to badd_dog101
      • You do not have to wait until the meeting, the
        details were stated in the letter, which by law, the
        company cannot disclose. As far as the letter saying
        safety and efficacy failed, this is not true. Stop
        playing with the words. The letter said they were not
        approving based on deficiencies in the safety and efficacy
        DATA. The only DATA that was sent was safety and
        efficacy. Therefore, if it were only a regulatory issue, it
        AND EFFICACY DATA. Everyone keeps reading this wrong
        and assumes it means a problem with the science.
        Also, the letter said there were deficiencies, this
        word means (not enough). It does not mean, errors, or
        mistakes. This coincides with the info that I have that
        says the new FDA lady feels that there is not enough
        data...however, we all know that there is, and if she's not
        happy, theres more in the SAP trial. If I had more
        money, I'd buy more, but instead I bought some calls.
        Stop analyzing the wording of the letter and focus on
        what is important. They need to correct a problem and
        then they will be approved.

      • Roger...not to be a wet blanket, but anything having to do with the FDA is by definition a regulatory event....