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  • jdt115 jdt115 Jul 10, 2013 2:33 AM Flag

    $4 million market cap

    Guys, This stock should not be at 40 cents and a $ 4 million market cap if they have over $70 million in the bank and no debt? I do not know of one other company anywhere on the planet who claims to have this much cash and is worth so little in market cap. How can one justify this situation as There are no more excuses to give? I know their sales stink but they clearly don't justify where this stock sits today? Sorry gents but I think the truth hurts a little more than we would all like it to. JDT

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    • Didn't mean to ignore your comment Jdt but it seems that i can't figure it out either, they are completely ignoring there PPS ,i am completely paralyzed by this loss,i wish they moved aggressively like EDU or CEDU but they didn't ,I've been digging around any news about the company in Baidu ,all there activity now is about hiring people ,they have about 30-40 vacancies that they try to fill but that's all,what makes things more sarcastic is the statements of other companies about how the education field is getting more money from the Chinese government and how the English language having more demand at the same time our company here is saying they are being affected by the economic factor which no other company is complaining about ,what a sarcasm.

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      • Mr. Yu seems to always blame the short hedge fund for the continuation of lost in sales even after it is close to 2 years old now! Every quarter; some one ask why sales are the way they are and one of his patented answers is the alleged hedge fund effort on generating business still. You just have to ignore this. I just not sure why their brick and mortar schools are all loosing money and sales except for two or three. I think the drop is like close to 40-50%. Online has dropped like over 80% of it revenue too and not improve over time yet. I guess the company is not pushing this because of the web development.

        I see from time to time in the WSJ; on gainers for the day that some of these stocks listed are Chinese education companies. Just have to wait and see what Mr. Yu has to say again. Previously he blames the economy, bad press by the hedge fund, good teachers leaving, their competition.

      • Thanks Dealer. We will hope for some good news and for the stock to rise after Q2 earnings is announced!

    • What nothing from you guys as I'm just stating a fact? Get a backbone gentleman as I don't mean to be completely negative. I'm just stating what is clearly a fact and something that we all need to come to grips with moving forward. Out over 70K at this point and I can't let Mr. Yu or Cloris Li get away with this. JDT

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