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  • harry_wild harry_wild Aug 15, 2013 2:44 AM Flag

    Conference Call at 8 Eastern Thursday - 15th!

    The Company will host a conference call on Thursday, August 15, 2013, at 8 a.m. EDT (8 p.m. Beijing time the same day).

    I beating it going to be the same thing as 1st quarter's CC! Blame everything except themselves. Management should spend more on marketing now their services instead of holding back for future developments. What a disappointing marketing effort by the management of this company! It pretty much nonexisting - currently!

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    • From 1st Qtr. transcript:

      "Laurence Udell - Udell Advisors
      Okay, and I would ask one more thing, and that is, will you please try to keep the shareholders informed more about it as the launch starts and as people sign up, the period, so that we could – I mean, stockholders would like to have some ability to measure the progress. And I would hope that you would do a little more public relations in terms of how the company is succeeding in this across. In other words, like periodically tell and come out and say we’ve launched the product, we have X number of subscribers, 25 schools, 50 schools, 1,000 schools, whatever the numbers may be.

      And with that, I’ll relinquish the line, but I would hope that you would try to be a little more productive in terms of giving the shareholders a view of what’s happening with the company.

      Xiqun Yu
      [Interpreted] Okay. So the company will seriously consider your suggestion and also we’d like to do – we consider very seriously as to how launch these products and disclose information properly in the future.

      Laurence Udell - Udell Advisors
      Okay. I think it would be important because once he launches it, I would expect he would want to advertise it and bring out its success just as like I do with Google or, say, how many subscribers they have, how many people have signed up, okay? That alone becomes its own advertising. But thank you, and let’s look forward to a very fruitful new beginning.

      Xiqun Yu
      Thank you very much.

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