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  • panic_on_the_patio panic_on_the_patio Oct 15, 2004 6:05 PM Flag

    KKD Auditor: PriceWaterhouse

    """Panic for sure is the same guy as x59, etc."""

    wrong again, Buffet. But i do get a kick out of you trying to convince everyone of your conspiratorial delusions. It's a hoot

    """ and last time I conversed (with x59) he also accused me of being someone else."""

    and this keeps happening to you? Maybe because you haven't the guts to say it under one alias after all? hmmm...

    """ You might have to go back a year or so, but the last time I checked I couldn't find any x59 posts so maybe they were removed. """

    lol. And the dog ate your homework, too, right? Like he gives a shit enough to actually do it. Roflmao. You're a goofball.
    ("...last time I checked..."??? hahaha, do you seriously regularly go back and look up his posts??? lol. You really are a goofball)

    """Same paranoid tone as panic"""

    maybe sounds like the same tone you don't like because we address the same jerks

    """ and only insults toward shorts"""

    wrong once again, duncecap. "Bashers" get the full treatment. "Shorting" is merely another arrow in the quiver of a well-informed trader. It is morally neutral in my book. I do it routinely. But i don't add the bashing element you loudmouths do. But then, jerks don't understand the difference

    """ Says he makes money long"""

    show me a post number, Mr.-I-regularly-go-back-and-research-other-people's-old-posts-because-I-am-anal

    """ but never says what his trades are"""

    and that is the business of bashers? lol

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