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  • di_vur_se_fi di_vur_se_fi Oct 7, 2003 5:52 PM Flag

    Supply chain

    The new store in Meridian, ID is 1715 miles from Effingham, IL (where the mix is produced). Factory stores, according to KKD, are serviced by common carrier weekly.

    If one truck can service multiple stores, the Meridian store is only 315 miles down the road from Layton, UT which is the next closest KKD store.

    Because KKD sells virtually all ingredients to a factory store, the loads can be rather large. For example, an average store does about $60,000 per week; assuming revenue per doughnut of $0.3, that's 200,000 doughnuts per week; HOGS weigh 52 grams, if 25 of those grams come from dry ingredients, that's 5,000,000 grams or approximately 11,000 lbs (454 grams per lb, right?). The truck that I saw unloaded in suburban Chicago had the longest trailer I've ever seen and appeared to contain ingredients and supplies for only 1 store, i.e. it was emptied but I don't know for sure if it was only half-full to start.

    Does anybody know how much it costs to ship a full tractor trailer 1715 miles (one-way)?

    Aside: The PacWest stores are most likely service through the LA distribution center, i.e. Effingham to LA to Seattle which ain't cheap.

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    • And thank you for your acknowledgement, albeit indirectly, that none of those non-refrigerated food-serving events causes food fucking polock!

    • Now little boy Tarheel is in to name calling. Beats facts or responding to diversif's analysis. I know ur very frustrated and wish Scott and Randy would increase your per diem as the job of supporting these stooges gets tougher each day. Bash the Shorts but provide no replies to facts. You poor little boy its so tough your just going to have to cuss more. Tic,tic,tic.........

    • Webtoedjohnny,

      For the most part, outdoor bake sales, cookouts and picnics aren't conducted by businesses subject to regulatory agencies. However, restaurants or caterers that do put on such events are subject to the same regulatory and legal consequences as KKD. You're obviously too stupid to understand the regulatory and legal ramifications of implementing an idea as stupid as the one you proposed. As such, further continuation of this discussion is pointless.

    • How many outdoor bake sales have resulted in food poisoning...cookouts, picnics with deviled eggs and potatoe salad, or a deer thrown on top of an SUV which was strapped all day to the top of a truck to get cooked for venison that night. You sound a bit phobic of mixer trucks. Is there something else that has you so defensive about my dough-hauling mixers idea? I already said that the pooper scoopers used to dump the mix on conveyors would be clean

    • Just exactly how stupid are you, webtoedjohnny? You are advocating that KKD should utilize a distribution methodology that would result in not only its restaurants getting in trouble with the health department of every state in which it operates, but would also subject the company to civil lawsuits from its customers due to gross negligence leading to food poisioning. These would be a couple of many serious ramifications of your stupid idea of utilizing cement mixing trucks, which lack refrigeration, to distribute Krispy Kreme donut batter. The final ramification, of course, would be a loss of all business. Great fucking idea, dumbass!

    • A point that I am beginning to get is that you are an ignoramous. A mixing truck is not a restaurant and, therefore, is not under FDA jurisdiction. The only time FDA would ever come into play in this scenario is when the truck begins to dump his payload at a KK store and the FDA catches the store employee using a dirty pooper scooper to shovel the dough onto the conveyor

    • Again, you are totally missing the point. Do you even realize what this company does? It makes donuts and sells them to the public for consumption purposes. Do you think the FDA has any regulatory authority over a restaurant? I thought so!

    • Again, you raise some very good points but jurisdiction laws are very clear and precise in regards to this matter. To make my point, how many FDA officials do you see wearing their uniforms and hairnets tooling the highways and doing roadstop checkpoints? Never would be my guess.
      Again, your concerns are addressed by DOT and they don't really care as long as the driver has his seatbelt on and is being safe

    • I never thought of that - another Boston Chicken - We longs all better sell right here - You know what happened to Boston Chicken!!!! Right in the toilet - WoW - KKD will probably go right to 2. Should we get short now or wait a few days??? Is the Boston Chicken news coming out soon or is it a brand new idea that noone else has thought of???

    • "Well now, nctarheel sure slams it to poor divursifi here. Reasonable, logical, seasoned.
      Repetition of what X-what's-his-face has been spouting all along, but much better
      framed. Curiously similar, almost as if ... but, nah, couldn't be..."

      Hey, why not?

      Go ahead..

      Remember it's currently being circulated that I and others on this board are KKD plants, getting paid to pump KKD, etc., etc.....what's one more accusation in your quiver of conjecture and innuendo?

      like I said...go ahead


      "Off to the shrink. "Just because I'm crazy"

      Thank you for acknowledging the obvious.

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