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  • shakeyerbootie2003 shakeyerbootie2003 Nov 4, 2003 3:19 PM Flag

    Identity # 2

    Mikey, your momo pumper identity is suffering, I know, but switching to your "undermine the research" identity isn't going to save you. x_5_9 is a "prove it" screaming fool.

    Here's one for you at the same level..."My Dad can kick your Dad's ass"!

    Response from x_5_9: "Prove it!"

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    • How about that 46 to 30 move from Dec 2001 to Jan 2002 , I call that losing 35% of your money. Wow isn't that great. Guess you're not the only one who can pick two points on a graph an exagerate a point.

    • Wrong as usual - 60 to 200 is not a double ---it's actually more than a triple---want to borrow my calculator??? It's closer to 2.5 years than 3 - I rounded a little. When we get closer to March of 2004 I'll start saying KKD tripled in the past 3 years.

    • How about that 30 to 50 move this year?? That's 125% on your money in a margin account. I don't call a double a sideways move.

    • ummm, I just did that (because I was suspecting that mikem was getting close to not being able to keep saying "2.5 years". and the yahoo *adusted* price at the end of May 7, 2001 (May 5th was on a weekend) was $12.13. interestingly, the adjusted price for May 4th was $22.06 so I went to MW and the closing price for 05-04-2001 was $44.12 ($22.06 split-adjusted) and for 05-07-2001 was $48.53 ($24.26 split-adjusted). so yahoo double-adjusted the May 7th date.

      so at *best* there is a 2-1 doubling until for at least another month at which mikem will use 2.6 years or some such.

      that's the facts, jacks. mikem, always double-check your sources otherwise you look like an idiot. however, one has to wonder why no one arguing with you these last few weeks/months did the same (thus making them sorta idiots too).

    • Mikem, please take a cleansing breath. Inhale......Exhale.....relax....

      We can all read stock charts. You're point is well taken, that KKD had a big runup, tripling your money if you were lucky (or smart?) enough to be in before spring of 01, when the frenzy was at its height. (I subscribe that investing is part smarts and part luck, part analysis and part timing.) You were in early, so hats off to you.

      However, it is also fact that KKD has gone almost nowhere in two plus years since that spring 01 pop. Basically from mid-30's to low 40's in two years, with a few peaks and vallys along the way. Depending on your timing, someone could have made money during this period EITHER going long OR short, again, depending on the timing.

      The long-term investor should see this basically flat trend for what it is - a donut chain, in the highly competitive food industry, struggling to grow into an inflated stock valuation. Better value elsewhere.

    • You've been on this board for all of two days now so who are you to tell anyone all about KKD???When you at least make up your mind to buy it or sell it then tell the rest of us what to do.---Talk about an idiot!@!!!

    • One more thing, it isnt rocket science to look at a chart and see that your statement about the triple is incorrect. Eat a donut.

    • Forget the chart. Go to historical prices for kkd and put in the dates and you will see that you are wrong. 2 and 1/2 years is 2 years, six months. That would take you May 5, 2001. You are the idiot.

      For the record, I am neither short nor long on this company. I will say that you people who rah rah this donut enterprise will find out that there is nothing unique about a donut shop. You are looking for the next msft, wmt, csco, intc, in a donut company. My god you are dumb!!!!!

    • " Ever wonder why no one wants to join you in Iraq and why they're pissed that
      you've almost forgotten entirely about Afghanistan"

      How in the HELL did you know that I am in Iraq???

      And why do you think I've forgotten about Afghanistan???

      Its hashish is unsurpassed, I've been told.

    • >>You're canadian, I bet.

      That explains a lot.<<

      Well maybe you could explain this?

      Everything begins and ends with good information and the use of that information in good faith. Maybe there was good information, maybe not. The pattern recently seems to be the latter. Ever wonder why no one wants to join you in Iraq and why they're pissed that you've almost forgotten entirely about Afghanistan, which is presently becoming rapidly infested with Taliban-oriented drug-lords again?

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