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  • x_5_9 x_5_9 Nov 13, 2003 8:50 AM Flag

    New KKD COO

    Gee, let's see how di_vur_se_fi, digenetic (the Three Faces of Eve aficionado that is obsessed with his/her alter ego), and others will plan their attack on this news.

    ("my god! the COO's a woman! she worked for Nordstroms!....we all know how crooked Nordstroms is! just think of how the KKD shareholders are going to get screwed...AGAIN!!")


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    • new_millenium_profits new_millenium_profits Nov 13, 2003 12:32 PM Flag

      I don't think this new COO will have any impact on the KKD stock price, however, in reading the article it said,

      "Knox has over 24 years of experience in the restaurant industry, beginning her career at Nordstrom Inc. where she served in various positions within the company�s line of full-service restaurants, cafes, and espresso bars."

      24 years of experience may relate to waitress, kitchen help, bus tables, and 'would you like to big size those fries'.

    • umm, yah. did you _read_ the article? it states that she is COO for "Kremeworks" which is the Pacific NW's partner of KKD.

      geez, calm down dude.

    • Brands Here Are For Sale?
      by: BosKitChef (100/M/Martha's Vineyard) 11/13/03 09:36 am
      Msg: 11610 of 11610

      Brands Here Are For Sale?
      by: BosKitChef (100/M/Martha's Vineyard) 11/13/03 09:30 am
      Msg: 37534 of 37534

      TREMONT STREET�There is a revolution in the restaurant industry, and
      it�s taking place in one small restaurant in Mission Hill.
      Shrimp scampi, arroz con pollo, Cajun swordfish, meatloaf with mashed potatoes and gravy, and French toast are only a sample of the kind of food you will find at Boston Kitchen at 1536 Tremont street.
      The meals served here is home cooking. �Your� Home Cooking, �No matter where your home might have been� says owner and chef Leo Cassidy. �It�s the meals I eat hen I was growing up. My mother fed me meals like this. Simple, Fresh and Everyday.
      Leo Cassidy is a man on a mission. �I came to Boston to put a restaurant together that would be needed in the future.� Cassidy sees a society where both parents have to work just to survive, and there is no time or energy to cook or sit down together for a meal.
      Cassidy�s mission is to offer people a place to eat or pick up freshly prepared meals. To continue to break bread and to eat together, that is healthy and economical. Without proper nutrition, says Cassidy, there are problems in families and communities. �A good meal makes a person feel content, self-assured and complete.�
      Cassidy, who grew up on the North Shore and lived one time in Mission Hill, is a culinary visionary. He wants to create meals that bring all people together in a communal atmosphere.
      The menu is interesting and constantly changing. If someone calls and says they have a special diet or crave something in particular like salmon, Cassidy will find what they ask for and make it. �You never know what I will have. If you give me enough time to plan a special O�Cajun dish I�ll go out and get whatever you want,� assures Cassidy.
      �I was blessed to have eaten quality food my whole life. My mother
      and Grandmother were great cooks. My mom is still the best and I developed a passion for being the better in this business.�
      There are several slogans Cassidy likes to use to describe his restaurant concept. �Where The World Comes To Dine,� �And Everybody Feels At Home,� and �Eat Right Today, Your Body Will Thank You Forever.�
      Leo Cassidy hopes to set an example for other restaurants, and said his main goal for the restaurant was not just to make a profit.

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