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  • Puttemout Puttemout Dec 9, 2003 7:56 PM Flag

    Obsessed with KK ingredients?

    Many years ago Leon Levy the brilliant trader at Oppenheimer and the Odyssey Partners claimed that the commodity in shortest supply in Wall St. is patience. While I believe this goose is cooked and am accordingly Short big, we must be patient and the chickens will come home to roost. When the stock declines into the 20's the tricks will be restricted further. Less option exercises with the inhertent and absurd tax benefits, less acquisitions of Franchisees on a more dilutive basis, Less Capex and capitalizing of expenses, less room to handle negative cash flow, great difficulty in financing through equity without huge dilution. My bets are that managements will continue to unload every available share they can sell. Will make bogus announcements about product extensions and in the end to keep this pig out of bankruptcy and preserve their salaries and future option milking games will issue a big highly dilutive secondary and screw the shareholders who weren't bright enough to follow their example and sell. The game is nearing the end and I think Longs will get what they deserve. Toc,toc,toc.......

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