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  • As a new stockholder, I have not read on any message bd, so many negative sentiments as I have on this one. I thought the co. was a good investment but you are so negative, I'm beginning to worry. Some positive posts from others would sure help.

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    • I've been recommending to short KKD above 40 every time it's been at or above that level for close to 2 years now. We almost made it again but it only reached 39.99 so I think people must pay a bit of a premium now.

    • You answered your questions....pretty good for a frustrated short.

    • X_5_9,

      You are crazier than everybody thinks. Who will believe you that someone hacked into your yahoo account? Who would care to do that?? And besides, WHO CARES ABOUT YOUR LONG USELESS EXPLANATIONS about this?? Man, it is just a friggin yahoo handle. You are anonymous here. If it was your name and your reputation, then sure, you would be expected to defend it. But here, WHO CARES??

      Besides, I do share the opinion of other posters that you were short initially and then lost big and flipped to long.


    • "kkd has rode the pr train"????

      No it is not my post.

      About 20 "fraudulent" posts (many having "strong sell" sentiment (Ha!)) are dated between mid November and the first week of December 2001.

      First one I'll claim as "aeye" was in mid December 2001, in which there was no mention of any demise of KKD (as was the case of the "fraudulent" posts).

      Of course, document as I may, gopherit/x_o_x_69 will continue, I'm sure, to "attempt" to deny it.

      Of course we know how gopherit/x_o_x_69 REALLY feels about these petty items:

      "Have you ever watched little kids fight? When one of them is badly losing an argument,
      they will often resort to copying the other, desperately trying to regain some semblance
      of power and thereby avoiding the painful realization that they are wrong.

      This tactic works for little kids, because they are easily flustered and haven't yet learned
      how to filter their conversations between substance and worthless garbage. But when
      we reach maturity, most of us realize that playing this baby game only makes us look
      foolish and immature."

      He/she thinks very highly of himself/herself.

    • the_genie_in_the_bottle the_genie_in_the_bottle Mar 25, 2004 11:14 PM Flag

      paulohl, I remember you from the Sears board saying, when S was at $30/share (about 5 years ago) that S would collapse to teens. The contrary happened thereafter and it doubled to $60 (making me a nice chunk of cash in the process). If you are negative on this stock, it's a good contrarian indicator to buy it tomorrow morning at the open. I'm sure that after hearing your "bearish" views on KKD, it will also double just like S did at the time.

    • Is this yours?

      This is not a mild pull back-this is a
      by: aeye 11/28/01 03:18 pm
      Msg: 43994 of 87097

      fundament shift in how kkd is viewed-no there is no bad news on the horizon but simply put there's no new good news- kkd has rode the pr train as far as they can go--barring an annoucement that KKD cures aid and cancer there's nothing positive to sat about this overvalued fad product!!!! Even 7-11 doughnuts are just as good!!!

      It seems to have the same tenor as the three messages you say are frauds.

    • Go for it, gopherit.

      After all, you must live up to that namesake.

      You are so mocked, and I am so much your (and everyone else's) superior!

      Why are you paying off Yahoo to post impersonator posts?

      Who else would stoop so low?

      What sort of immature, bitter, resentful,desperate fool would use multiple aliases in order to lash out like a little kid?

      Why must you cary on so?

      Is it the insecurity thing?

      Isn't it time to get another alias?

      This one is obvious.

    • Yes, those guys are all in it together - gopherit, his master di_vur_se_fi, his henchman fornoprofit, his cohort diogenesis, even his cohort's imaginary friend Harvey. They are all conspiring with Yahoo insiders to sabotage my reputation on this doughnut chat board.

      Oh, you are not fooling anyone, gopherit. I knew you were reading my posts all along. How could you resist? How could anyone? Meanwhile, you make a lame attempt at an alias in order to lash out like a little kid, but afraid to let the board know that it's really gopherit. What sort of immature, bitter, resentful, desperate fool would use multiple aliases in order to lash out like a little kid? Who else would stoop so low?

      By the way, when I spoke earlier of di_vur_se_fi slinging fairy tales based solely on unsubstantiated, undocumented assumptions, THAT is called conjecture (a.k.a. bullshit). Of course, I would never sling such unsubstantiated, undocumented fairy tales myself. Therefore, you absolutely must be gopherit. Otherwise, I would be full of shit. And we all know how likely THAT is.

      How bitter, resentful, and desperate everyone must be to conspire against me like this. Even Yahoo. Please explain it....please explain ANY of it. It's hard to believe that they are all out to get me. Really hard to believe.

    • Look at all of the aeye posts for November 2001 (none of which I posted).

      In every case, the post(s) preceding the aeye post was deleted.

      Also, click the aeye profile for any one of those posts.

      Check the "Last date revised" date.

      Please explain it....please explain ANY of it.

      All I know is that gopherit/x_o_x_69 is upset....and that is good.

    • Dickhead:

      First response from Yahoo after I submitted compalint about aeye hacker (I suppose you will now claim, gopherit, that I "created" this

      Date: Wed, 08 Oct 2003 11:00:06 -0700

      Subject: RE: Abuse - aeye - Impersonation (KMM1928231V35953L0KM)
      From:"Yahoo!Message Boards" <> Add to Address Book

      Hello, Thank you for contacting Yahoo! Customer Care.

      Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.Yahoo! has many users worldwide, and due to the popularity of certain aliases, similar
      subscriber IDs are occasionally created. If you feel that a user is impersonating you, please follow these directions to aid us in
      investigating your report.

      If another user is impersonating your Yahoo! ID, please reply to this email, listing:

      * your Yahoo! ID
      * your birthdate
      * your ZIP/Postal code which you provided us at the time of registration.
      * a few of your own posts on the Yahoo! Message Boards. Be sure to include:

      * the Message Board name, URL, or ticker symbol
      * Message Board post number
      * the Yahoo! ID of the person who you feel is impersonating you.
      * a few of the impersonator's posts, and any posts in which he/she makes representations to actually be you.
      * the Message Board name, URL, or ticker symbol
      * Message Board post number

      If a user is impersonating a Yahoo! user other than yourself:

      We realize that impersonation is a serious offense and a violation of the Terms of Service (TOS). If you feel that one user is
      impersonating another, please take note that we cannot review the case unless the complaint originates from the parties involved and not
      from a third party.

      We invite you to visit the Yahoo! Terms of Service at:

      If a user is impersonating an actual name:

      In order to facilitate our review of the situation, we would appreciateif you would forward to us a signed request, from the person being
      impersonated indicating that the Yahoo! ID in question does not belong to him/her and was not created by him/her. If this report involves
      a company representative, please forward us the request on company letterhead. Please cite the specific posts, the exact location of the
      Message Board post, and the precise reason(s) why they should be removed.

      Original Message Follows:

      Yahoo! ID: aeye
      Subject: Impersonation

      Message Board: Business & Finance ) Investments ) Sectors ) Services )Restaurants ) KKD (Krispy Kreme Doughnuts)

      Message ID Number: 43998, 44055, 44071 + others?

      Type your feedback here:

      Someone has recently created posts and posted them on the KKD message board using my ID (aeye). The three posts listed above I
      found today whenreviewing posts that had been posted on the KKD message board in 2001. These
      posts were not there previously.


      Please respond ASAP with the actions you are taking to identify the hacker and to prevent any further damage resulting from the

      Yahoo ID: aeye : no amt link
      Browser: Mozilla/4.78 (Macintosh; U; PPC)
      REMOTE_HOST: unknown
      Date Originated: Wednesday October 8, 2003 - 10:56:31

      "I rest my case"

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