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  • diogenes1234 diogenes1234 Apr 19, 2004 5:41 PM Flag

    10-k: kkd on the dole

    ... Never seen so much off- topic crap in all these months.

    Off-topic, and coincident with release of the 10-K and the year end numbers. Which provide much to chew on. Folks asking for facts and all.

    ... For instance?

    Well I thought it of some interest that KKD had a net operating loss for the year if options were expensed. Interesting too to see what comparisons might be made -- 4Q margins and expenses. The note that England is a bust. Me, I'm looking for how the intangibles came out, in particular relative to the Montana Mills disaster, amortization or what?. And any comment re bailing Livengood out to the tune of $9 million for his sticking fingers in the No Cal ripoff. Plus just how far did they go in working the numbers to achieve their full year target?

    ... Interesting too to see what effect if any the Board's new found sense of ethics has taken them.

    And Livengood's sense of myth.

    ... But of no evident interest to the quick fingered Doofus's on this board.

    Last time you spelled it "Dufii."

    ... All the same, no interest. Just foggy nonsense.

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    • ... What do you really think about Krispy Kreme and its future?

      Krispy Kreme is a hell of a good idea -- the theater concept -- and the hype behind it has been extraordinarily successful, up to a point. But the owners have been overly greedy, understandably so, in cashing in their investment in what they demonstrably know to be a short term phenomena; and management, highly competent in the hi-growth phase of the business, is now spinning its wheels in an attempt to maintain profit momentum in a near-saturated market.

      ... That says a mouthfull. But KKD as an investment?

      Frankly, I'd look elsewhere. Krispy has a long way to go in adjusting to a slow-growth future. If managed well, Krispy Kreme should survive as a profiable sweet-goods retail/wholesale bakery but not with the investor acceptance which favors it today. Two major hurdles are ahead: 1) Adjusting to slow growth, and 2) Extending beyond donuts. As a guess, KKD will settle down to be an ordinary investment with a market P/E. At some point it will likely be bought out, but at a price substantially below its present market cap.

      ... That doesn't quite answer it. Give me you best guess as to KKD's price 5 years out.

      My best guess, a guess based on my impression of fundamental profitability ex-financial skulduggery, is on the order of $10 to $18 a share in 2009. A target which Krispy would do well to achieve.

      ... 2009 is a long way off.

      Yes, much water will pass under the bridge before then. But that's my opinion, since you asked.

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      • you offer no facts as to why a company growing at 20-30%/year will be worth HALF of what it is today is FIVE YEARS!
        Insanity! sounds like you want to be long but want to pay a 'end of the world' price for it.

      • You can't substantiate that diatribe, so we'll just take it as subjective opinion. And poor jusdgement.

        Since you never engage anyone on the board in discussion, but merely spew forth a constant stream of one-way FUD, what is your longterm goal in your crusade of negative posting? Your posts, like Lady Di's, require an intense effort, if only in typing time (certainly not in thinking time). So why do you put in that much effort? What's your endgame?

      • A bit full of yourself, aren't you?

        Smug little tidbits based on NOTHING for 5 years away, when you will be long gone from this board, speaking in tongues with your son to other imaginary friends.

        You, as you always have been and will continue to be, are so full of crap, as evidenced below:

        What about all those OTHER predictions?

        Where is that coalition (should I repost?)?

        Where are the classaction lawsuits?

        Where are the indictments?

        Where is the "fraud"?

        Where is bookcooking?

        Where is the "failure"?

        Where is your head? Up your ass?

    • Are you talking to yourself, or did you forget to change alias's?

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