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  • beltashazardaniel beltashazardaniel Feb 11, 2005 3:17 PM Flag

    Coopers should brainstorm Wharton...

    while he is there. Young fresh ideas and great minds at that. See what comes out over weekend. Read Barrons with a coffee and originial glazed.

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    • Dear Puttermout:
      Sorry, I shall not join any organization that would have me as a member.
      (Groucho's grandgodson)

    • don't forget that Kooper/Pooper is payed by time;
      400k a month;
      what makes you think he will do another prediction without proper analysis?
      he learned from his first mistake after spending just 8 hours in their board-and lunch room;

    • <<If you are correct . This is a humongous Fraud and the only thing left is the brand name.>>

      If this is so, Mr. Kooper's people would see it in no time. Can you detect the effects of any such realization in the acts of commission and omission so far on Kooper's or Panago's part? If, for some fantastic reason, they have so far failed to see the true picture, how do you think they will react? Remember, reputation is their sole meal ticket.

      In KKD's case, I would add to the famous dictum "Follow the money" another truism: "Watch what Kooper says and how he says it."

    • Probably Livengood was the main one out of touch. I belive Casstevens who is a career long CPA was only following Livengood's wishes. I always wondered why he was never named CFO. Perhaps he wanted to try to keep below the radar or that he would have the "I was just following orders" excuse. He saw the flames getting ready to dance around his ass and he bailed out before the poo hit the fan. Unfortunately for him, bailing out of a burning plane 100 feet from the ground still has seriously bad consequenses. From where I sit Livengood probably ran a pure corporate dictatorship at KK as evidenced by KKs treatment Margaret Urqhart among other things. I would like to think this transaction gave Casstevens pause but he was powerless to stop it. One he saw profits would not hide it, he headed for the hills. Pure conjecture I admit, but it seems plausible.

    • I agree with y0ur comments on going into ch.11
      As far as buying the stock I would not touch it.Along with ch 11,re-financing,closing stores etc ,you will have SEC investigations
      on playing games with numbers.With all these clouds over hanging the stock I would be very surprised if they can make it.I will be ready to buy some shares to hang on my wall with my "Rouges Gallery" , another ENRON in the making.


    • If you will check my few posts you will find that I am working on a closed Forum web package by invitation, and all of the worthwhile posters have indicated their interest. I am encouraged and having the server and permission codes tweaked to assure the sight is secure. I may be reached at

    • what comes to mind here, is the possible scenario whereby Livengood and co thought they had come up with an innovative scheme or we better call it "scam" to enrich a number of insiders at the cost of shareholders;

    • you wrote:

      I follow your posts and I believe you have theorized this earlier, I am just concurring.


      Yes. You did a nice job restating what I have said in the past.

      Also, thanks for your comments on Dallas. I just can't believe that Livengood, Casstevens and the board were so out of touch. I mean, they had to be seeing the declining sales data which kicked in 6 months - 1 year after the market opened. It's clear from proxy (related party revenue) that Dallas had declining revenue in fy 03.

    • you are presenting a best case scenario;
      what percentage would you give a best cse scenario: 1 in a 100 at best, IMO

    • mstewa1:

      With respect, my impression is that you've assumed operating performance and liabilities for a reorganized Krispy which would indicate residual value, and from that concluded that the old shares may in fact have residual value.

      I have done no less. I have assumed negatively from which I conclude the results will be negative.

      Your or similar analyses may prove to be correct when Krispy finally emerges. Right or wrong, it is for precisely this reason that KKD shares will trade at significant value after filing (my guess in the range of $.50 to $2.00.)

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