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  • sellittosomeoneelse sellittosomeoneelse Mar 7, 2005 2:08 PM Flag

    The recomends KKD. I'm Out!

    Just kidding but those guys are hardly ever right.

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    • LOL! I've been known to hang onto many winning trades to only see it go down to almost nothing. I musta been asleep when the teacher was talking about hedging.... I'll definetly plan on boning up on the subject.

      Thank you for the education.

      Your lowly puck.

      Good luck with your trades, too.

    • >>What's ammatta with U! Why are you so gruff witha me?!<<

      �sorry. It�s my style. Think of me as an inept Don Rickles with a shity attitude, you fucking hockey puck.

      >>What I see is that within the past two trading days, KKD has reversed it's downward trend and gone up over 30%.<<

      Ok, ask yourself if there�s really a fundamental reason for KKD having done so. If you�re honest with yoursefl, the answer will be �no�.

      >>$7.23. Why do you think KKD hasn't gone donw?<<

      Beats the shit out of me, but I can tell you that there�s no fundamental reason for it going up, which leaves only a few reasons; the most probable one being momentum traders just fucking around.

      >>�the Shorts shoulda locked in their profits.<<

      Most shorts have protected most of their profits, through proper hedging. They don�t need to rush out and buy the shares. They�ll do it when all the momentum trader�s excitement is gone and they start to dump their shares.

      >>After the run-up, if the Shorts coulda maximize their trades by re-shorting again.<<

      I suspect that there are very few shares available to short. The shorts are looking to make more through options (buying puts, selling calls).

      Sometimes, when there are few shares available to short, it�s an indication of an impending well orchestrated short-squeeze (on the weak shorts). You might want to hand on to your shares a bit longer, BUT MAKE SURE YOU USE A STOP-LOSS, mental of physical. DO NOT LET YOUR WINING TRADE TURN INTO A LOSING TRADE with this piece of shit stock.

      Good luck to you� hockey puck.

    • whatever they recommend. I short. They attracted all the retail invetors.

    • >>Wouldn't that be illegal<<

      It depends on how it�s done.

      >>besides being reprehensible?<<

      �Reprehensible� is not in their vocabulary.

      >>Do the market makers have that much time on their hand?<<

      Time�s got nothing to do with it � money does.

    • You realize that this stock was 50% shorted as of Feb 5 ? This is not retail shorts alone by any means. That many shares shorted are institutional blocks

      Well....Still....since there are $143K-$288K blocks being traded, doesn't that mean some institution must know something positive about KKD? Are you saying that a large institution shorted KKD and are now "Putting" it to another institution? Always willing to learn.

    • How do you think they make "so much money"....they manipulate the stock, and suckers like you buy it.... which helps them make a tidy profit...

    • There have been "at length" discussions about GS's ownership stakes along with Fidelity in KK. Look back at some earlier posts last week.

      As to your current position, I'd attribute that to "good timing" on your part. No, I don't think you are an idiot. Frankly, it's fair to say 100% of us shorts here would love to be in a position to establish our short position today instead of two weeks ago...

      Congrats and trade it in good health.

    • >>for those of you out there who think I am an idiot and are ready to tell me why, please be polite.<<

      Ok, **Mr.** Idiot, :-), there are many reasons why a brokerage house would buy a large percentage of a company�s shares. Them thinking that there�s a chance of fundamentally based price appreciation **might** not be one of them.

      Making a decision to buy shares, strictly based on the fact that a brokerage firm is doing so is� well, not too bright (Was that polite enough?).

      Read the news stories that have been published, within the last few months, and ask yourself if the fundamentals really look good enough to buy now.

    • Right.

    • You realize that this stock was 50% shorted as of Feb 5 ? This is not retail shorts alone by any means. That many shares shorted are institutional blocks

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