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  • beyond_comics beyond_comics Sep 29, 2005 5:51 PM Flag


    Predictions for Oct 17th? 2 weeks from this Friday.

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    • Thanks.

      Just so I'm not misunderstood. If you go to KKD -- -- the franchise info indicates that "all US markets have been committed". (There's a joke in there somewhere).

      If I was Cooper and some of my franchisees were weak/not paying, I might let them die and resell the rights to them. I'm certain there has to be some sort of default arrangement in the franchise agreement.

      That being said, I don't want to be confused with being an optimist about KKD's prospects. There are serious problems with the company relating to previous mismanagement and its resulting financial obligations. I am just trying to look at Cooper's actions and see where he is going. I do not adhere to the "flunky of Silver Point" theory.

    • Lawboy, Thanks for your input lately, as well as some others.

      Maybe no more new franchises in US IF things stabilize and big area franchises remain intact. But there is certainly room for US expansion in my opinion. i.e. While nosing around stores some months ago, I stopped and talked to a 'suit', obviously from franchise, and said 'we could sure use a KK across the sound(need to use ferry to get to this area). and he said 'yes, we are anxious to get over there but are waiting for smaller store concept(as opposed to multimillion $ palace concept) to be finalized and for corporate dust to settle(or something to that effect).

    • Blah blah blah.

      Don't hit yourself in the balls!

      Oh, I forgot, you don't have any.

      Little bitch, before you go, throw out a figure of your net worth, then, maybe Divursify will give you some sentiment you can sink your gums into, old boy!

    • I'm glad I can be a role model for you.
      You need one.

      Now, the board is going to get boring for a while, since we have perfect golfing weather today I believe it's time to put the top down and throw my clubs in the car. Don't be sad though, I'll come back to wish you a nice weekend.

    • Harry, now you are a psychotherapist?
      Make up your mind little man, what line are you prepared to toe and keep to it?

      You said you made and lost fortunes. Read your past prevarications.

      But, I will concede that LOST is real and a prominent fixation on your present psyche.

    • Now you sound exactly like my little brother (Jeff, is that you?).

      I would guess that you've had some severe issues with sibling rivalry during your life.
      Why do you feel so inadequate? Is tearing down other people the only way yu can prop yourself up?


      Keep repeating your lie so that you can believe it eventually.

      How much are you worth, bitch?

    • Or is it Nancy boy?

      Let me make something crystal clear. I am the master of my domain. I'm an independant contractor/broker and I tell customers and vendors alike when and where to take a hike.

      I'm subordinate to NO one. Yes, I used to be mired in the crappy corporate world with the rest of the losers that held a job because it "paid for health insurance" or they had a 401K that would be subsequently raped during a buyout. How sad for them!

      However, for the last five years I've called ALL the shots. I'd share my income with you, but you'd never believe it.

      Is is easy? Hell no. Is it worth it? Beyond your wildest dreams.

      Now get back to your cubicle.

    • Harry Baby, you wrote:
      "How many times do I have to tell you people that I never trade with dollars that I can't afford to lose? So, whether KKD is up or down today, it makes no matter. Wall Street is simply one of many forms of entertainment for me."

      Bullshit! You are fidgety too!

      When subordinates used to brag how much they did not need the job, that they could do just fine, a quick search of their payroll documents revealed that they were garnished up the ass.

      Yahoo is an entertainment. Trading on Wall Street is a living.

      You are doing both badly!

    • Don't you know how to trade premarket? I don't lie, and I've never touted KKD stock when it was in the $30 - $40 dollar range. That's ludicrous.

      Di_ver couldn't fill an empty jelly donut. If that were true, he's have a job and a life other than berating KKD (he's old employer).

      See what I mean about entertainment folks? :-)

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