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  • OK, shorts, here's your chance to show your mathematical mettle. What makes you think KKD will go BK? All answers should contain only supportable accounting data. What is the total long term debt? What is the earnings - trailing, future, and growth rate? When is the debt due? What is debt coverage ratio? What is the net/net?

    Don't insult your collective intelligence with answers like - Because the stock price is down; Because I think so; Because KKD hasn't released the data; Because the hedge funds are shorting; Because some car parts manufacturer went BK on a friday; Because the puts on yahoo are up - or any other nitwit, numb nuts answer your so well known for.

    Just list the actual data supporting your opinion the KKD will BK.

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    • None of the info the company ever released was accurate...

    • Arb didn't say that the 31 walkins went into the kkd store. He said he sat in the kkd parking lot and watched 31 walkins; we don't know if they walked into HD or LOW or MCD or KKD.

    • Seadestiny and arb boy are probably comparing their in-depth bullish financial projections with each other right now while they wait in the massive line at the local Krispy Kreme.

    • As you've hopefully seen, I posted the fact that Di_vur estimated KK's July quarter pretax loss at $10-22M and I estimated it at $12.5M. Also, we've estimated that Consolidated EBITDA might have been zero to a negative figure in that quarter. These are, of course, rough estimates given the lack of solid information. I, for one, would be grateful if you would post your estimates. It's been quite a while since we've had someone here who is bullish on the stock and is willing to discuss earnings and cash flow models. Your analysis is welcome and could be valuable to us all.

    • Hey,

      I told you to piss off and stop spouting your conspiracy theory.

      Prove it or move on. Your obsession is unhealthy.


    • I've been reading your posts. I just can't believe you actually believe what your writing. I have a bridge in NY I'd like to sell you . Let me know if you're interested.

    • technical_analysis_paralysis technical_analysis_paralysis Oct 11, 2005 8:39 PM Flag

      You have raised the "idiot bar". The other longs will have to really work to appear as stupid as you.

      (However, I thought that clown with like a million shares had set the bar... then Hardluck Harry/Stick figure seemed to have it... and the perpetual I Love KKD Donuts village idiot (except I think he is short and just playing with you and the other idiots), but claiming to have computed "homework" from what you acknowledge is non-existant/incorrect data... well, that shows an idiot level that can only be described as brilliant).

    • i defenitly would not rule out this decline is the result of a leak within the ranks of KKD and SP/CSFBthat bk is coming soon.

      remember when SP first gave 'em the loan, some ppl on wall stret knew about it and one even came on our board here and told us..

    • That is the date. After rules change and it is bad on management to bk.Also the ONLY really way the current mangers can make money here is to BK. Trash all the bad leases and bad franchise agreements. Reduce debt and toss the shareholders out the door. That date...10/17/05 is spooking the market.

      I betting 50/50 bk is comming.

    • seadestiny,

      I completely agree with you. The shorts are in COMPLETE denial, they are clueless!!

      KKD has earned mucho dinero$$ in previous quarters. It is just a matter of cutting expenses here and there, and voila!, they will return to profitability.

      Also, who knows, Zorros or Gates may buy them.

      KKD to da mooooonn!!

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