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  • bluehorseshoe12 bluehorseshoe12 Jun 20, 2006 9:00 AM Flag

    Buy KKD - The long argument

    Well thanks for taking the time to post this, Mark. It seems sincere. But gimme a break, huh? Specifically-

    "...and I'm eagerly awaiting the demise of a competitor" ----I have a lot of competitors too, some that I don't really like. So instead of talking badly about them and wishing they'd go away, I try to do a better job and beat them. Competition is a key part of our system. Secondly, KKD employs thousands of people. Why would you wish ill on them as well? They didn't do anything. There may be a few that have done wrong there, and that will be dealt with. Since I don't have anything personally against the company, I hope KKD recovers and prospers.

    "Shorts can't wait a situation out if it goes good, but usually longs can wait it out if it goes bad." ----That's nonsense. Longs feel the same financial pain as shorts when a position goes against them.

    "DiVur and meme and the others have been pushing this subject back and for for a few years now- instead of attacking their motives you'd serve yourself better if you studied their words. That would answer your question as to their motives" ----That's a pretty arrogant thing to say. And how do you figure that? I've read their "analytical" posts, and I understand WHAT they are saying, but that does not explain WHY they are doing it.

    "You assert that the board shorts might be shills, paid to attack the company to protect some big short holder" ----I never said all board shorts were acting as shills.

    "...but I think you give the board too much credit. Everybody here could never, together or alone, raise enough capital to put a dent in the overall KKD picture" ----I didn't say anything about anyone raising capital. I'm talking about the millions of posts made on these types of boards. People do read them and I do think it influences what some people do, although on what scale I can't say. I spoke of posters that are keeping on constant negative pressure, and if they don't seem to have any financial stake it in, my wondering why they're doing it.

    I guess what it boils down to for me is- I admittedly don't have much tolerance for people that are all talk, and no action. In other words, I only respect someone with useful knowledge that can put it into practical application. In the absense of action, it's all just academic.

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