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  • mr_sixfigures mr_sixfigures Sep 27, 2007 11:48 AM Flag

    Hmm, +17.6% here blue, whadya think?

    Take the cash?

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    • What on earth do you have to be proud of regarding your position?" You a KKD employee? Serious question.

      Why I like it-
      * Old American brand, an Icon
      * Stock price punished by the market for the acts of previous execs, which I thought was overdone and a good buy in '05 (I was right and made money) I still think it's a good buy
      * It's endured (Adkins, scandal, all the bad press)
      * Employs thousands
      * Provides a good product (my opinion) to hundreds of communities across America

      I've come to the conclusion that I like owning it. When folks go to Krispy Kreme, I like to think they're buying my doughnuts, and I'm glad to be a part of that. You go there- just look at the kids' smiling faces, watching the doughnuts rolling off, getting a hat and having a doughnut. It's great! Who cares about the money?

      And look, I've never argued the fundamentals or denied that they have problems. (EVERY company has problems...) I just have a feeling they can work through them; I'm in no hurry. And if it ends up not working out, that's ok too. I knew the risks going in to it. This isn't the only trade I have going on. In fact, it's one of the lesser of my concerns right now. Hey, don't be shocked if it's back over $9 by year end... It was just in the $2's, and now it's almost at $5. And $5 isn't that far from $7; $7 is only a few doors down from $9. Okie dokey? Fine, fine....

    • !Ay carumba! Is there a full moon today, or what...??? It's really FREAKIN' ME OUT, MAN!

      You said-
      "I did make a guestimate of 20,000 @ $6.10 (assuming you picked up 10,000 at avg 3.60)"

      Remo, I hate to say this, cuz you KNOW how fond I am of you, but... I think you've finally lost yer mind! Where do you get "10,000 at avg $3.60" from??? And how many times have we gone over this?!

      OK, one more time: I clearly said to Big Six (and have repeated it at least a couple times since then)- I wished I'd bought more down at $3, but DID NOT; Later I posted to you that my LAST buy, just recently, was at $5. Is there a stroke center down your way? I think you should have them check you out.

      Then you further wrote-
      "...but don't remember posting it."

      What do I make of that...? It's either:
      a) Again, maybe get some medical help (really now, I think I can speak for everyone (well, maybe not Rerno) but we're all getting concerned!), or b) just part of the normal perils of getting "up there"...? (If so, I hear that ginkgo biloba stuff is very helpful! And take lots of naps! :o)

      your (concerned) pal,

      PS- You really should cover. $2.91 is going to turn out to be your "$13.93", if you know what I mean. Look, it's already $2 BUCKS off the bottom!!!

    • What is yours young fellow?

    • Tell us a joke, oh message board what you claim your basis is and how you have a "quarter million dollar payback"

      Liar, plagerizer, and lonely bullshitter...every day since July 2005, and exclusively on the Yahoo KKD message board.

    • 1) No.
      2) The question lacks specificity. Unable to answer with a yes or no. For example- possibly you could specify a date from which averaging down was executed.
      3) No. I'm still fully on board. (and damn proud of it, too!)

      Now you know full well you're still yanking my chain... As evidenced by the FACT that you DO know my position- you've posted it right here. And you know that....

      Even so, with all the trouble you're trying to be... I still LOVE YOU! :o)
      (sorry if that makes you a bit uncomfortable... but I try to look at the bright side- It get Marieldon all hot and bothered!)

    • Who cares about your bullshit posts?
      You suck Mr sixfigures off, don't you?

    • Ok, you "biddy"... but first- TELL ME WHEN I EVER SAID I BOUGHT AT $3????

      (sorry to yell, but I think you're having some difficulty following this topic...)

    • --:o) (yes, I'm still grinnin'! cuz I'm a GOOD SPORT, DAMMIT!!! :oD)

      sure, how about just telling me the date you purchased your shares at $3.00? surely you can find that out at a click of a button, that is if you don't have that info. on the tip of your tongue already. glad to hear you're a good sport - you need to be if you're long this POS. :)

    • With $20 million behind you, how far do you need to get your jollies off?
      OK since you have 20 million dollars, take me on as your protaganist!
      Show me what you got little man!

    • Oy vey! Because, NUMBNUTS- I'm not here to do searches for you knuckleheads. You want the info, search it yerself. (was that too "heavy" there, Remo? :o)

      The fact is (in case you can't figure it out), Remo is yanking my chain. And that's ok with me- it's just him retaliating for all the crap I give him. He knows full well what my position is.

      And now you can too- just let your mouse do the walking.

      Now, are the any other Doofuses out there (Doofi? for plural) that want to know about my trades???????????????

      :o) (yes, I'm still grinnin'! cuz I'm a GOOD SPORT, DAMMIT!!! :oD)

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