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  • ryder_cup_fan_2 ryder_cup_fan_2 Jun 20, 2008 10:38 AM Flag

    Where did they all go, Davey?

    Perhaps busy buying on the "dip"?

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    • Cleared things up? You never stated why you were so angry nor did you answer whether you'd care to post what you considered a reasonable valuation of KKD and reasons why. Just another angry tirade. How about the future of KKD? To da' moon or back to 2? I'd like to understand how they will grow earnings with constricting debt covenants. If KKSF loan guarantees are called they'll have to buy another waiver from the bank syndicate.

    • Heheheheheheh...gratuitous, non-responsive, uncreative, totally ineffective, and makes you look peevish and petulant. How remoesque. I'm sure you're making your master proud.

      I find it funny that a dog has his own lap dog. :)

      Yep, that's anger. Still don't want to tell us why?

      Sure, I'd be happy to tell you why you and Remoadog are so angry, especially Remo. You've spent so much time being insufferably smug about your predictions and pseudo-anlysis regarding KKD that have been proven false (objectively, so you can't talk your way out of it), and I've been been here rubbing your noses in it, while getting laughs for myself and other readers at Remo's expense. Remo is also still very bitter at me over the way I bitch-slapped him (yeah, pun intended) over his roll-over-and-play-dead-act last fall. He'll probably carry a grudge over that that's going to eat away at him until the day he actually does die.

      Hope that clears things up for you. :)

    • The subject changes to anger and who should show up but stinkfingers!!! Is the rent paid up at the briar shack and were you able to find that missing spine?

    • Yep, that's anger. Still don't want to tell us why? Okay. I'd probably feel fairly ashamed of myself if I let Remo/Ryder wind me that tight. How about a nice discussion of what is a reasonable valuation for KKD?

    • So what's your point? It's just a link to a synopsis of research about which part of the brain competitive emotions originate from. Oh, let me probably thought there was something insulting there, such as perhaps a claim that gloating is a sign of mental pathology, because the writing is too advanced for your feeble reading comprehension to grasp what it's actually saying.

      The previous one was a clumsy attempt to be funny, but it's just another of the many logical fallacies you commit due to your inability to reason. It lists a few diseases that gloating is a symptom of. So, did you get yourself an introductory logic textbook yet? Flip to the part where it explains that a conditional statement does not imply its converse, in other words 'If A then B' does not imply 'If B then A'. For example, if coughing is a symptom of tuberculosis, it does not follow that anyone who coughs has tuberculosis, or is likely to have tuberculosis, or is even sick.

      Not that I actually believe that you have the capacity to comprehend any of what I'm saying, or that you could benefit from a logic textbook any more than a shriveled corpse could benefit from an elaborate feast, but I like to ridicule you for the sheer sport of it.

      Sentiment: Gloating...and no, I don't have diabetes, but thank you for your concern :)

    • That last one was meant to be funny. Here is a verbose discussion of gloating/envy worthy of The Hog.

    • Open any introductory logic textbook and look up "fallacy of the complex question".

      Gloating is not indicator of anger, and if you think you can get to me (or save face) by pretending that you think I sound angry, you're wasting your time.

    • No trades of any size since lunch, and the small traders don't seem to have enough to hold the price up. With the volume lately it should be interesting to see where the short interest is. On track to break 3 mil. in volume.

    • RE: So what makes you so angry?

      Now this is a good question, Davey.

      Hedgehog was a verbost pest here for a good while on the way down and continued to be a pest to me on the TNRO board until he finally saw the light and actually credited me with talking him out of that stock which has since plumetted.

      Yet he now comes back here full of gusto claiming victory against those who made the big money and are waiting to do it again.

      Could be he is related to Stinkfingers. Your name Jeffrey Lee, hog?

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