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  • glsierra glsierra Mar 31, 2010 4:56 PM Flag

    day of release

    I find it more peculiar that they first said 3/29 release and then silence... then ok 4/15. The delay (or miss communication) is odd. Hope it's not a move to have more time to do damage control! ;-) Just saying.

    I wouldn't over analyze the day of the week.

    Am praying that they show a positive number for Q4 that allows for the FY to be positive numbers as well.

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    • Now that I think of it. Maybe it was delayed (3/24 to 4/15) because of a needed write-down for the effects of the h/c reform bill????

      Yet again, the bill passed AFTER the FY closed, so....

      Who knows.

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      • Most companies issuing tax charges have massive pension obligations due to a huge retired work force. I dont think Krispy Kreme every had a huge pension obligation like Ford, 3M, AT&T etc.

        The only thing interesting about the earnings release date is that it is on April 15th - the day taxes are due.

        Other than that there is no magic smoke dust signals that they are giving by announcing on a Thursday in the evening in the Month of April halfway through the month, on an odd calendar day that is 20 days before cinco de mayo and a week after easter.....

    • they never stated they were going to release on 3/29.

      Yahoo company events said that but that was an estimate you can never rely on that information.

      All earnings release dates are preceeded by a press release by the company. There was never a press release by Krispy Kreme stating the official release date until yesterday.

      Please follow other companies that have earning due soon but have not issued a press release go to the company events page on Yahoo or some other financial data source there will be a date but it is not to be trusted until the press statement. All companies do this.

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