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  • glsierra glsierra Apr 21, 2010 11:56 AM Flag

    Anyone Notice this?

    Like Tight eluded... dont pay attention to skiidaddy.

    I'm up, literally, about $10+K on KKD.

    It's a bit of a rollercoaster ride, but it should continue to trend up. The fundamentals are improving.

    Should expect another little run up leading into the May 31st announcement as well.

    My suggestion to make $$ on this stock. Is keep a baseline invested in the company (whatever your tolerance is) and then trade a portion in/out depending on short term opportunities.

    Example: I am keeping # 000s shares consistently invested. Then another few 000s in/out depending on whats going on.

    It's worked great for me so far. It helps that there aren't any analyst firms covering it.

    I've owned the stock through a number of quarterly releases. Seems like the profitable pattern is "buy" leading up to the announcement then "sell" the day or so before.

    I still think it will go to $7+ by end of the CY.... presuming no general market meltdown again and mgmt can continue showing even small consistent improvement.

    Lowering debt levels is my biggest pet peeve right now for the company!

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